CIC Photonics

Integrated real-time gas analysis solution for semi-gases industry - Air and Climate

CIC Photonics first applied its IRGAS technology to semi-gases when a major semiconductor equipment manufacturer, Applied Materials, requested a demo of its capability to monitor gas quality for epitaxial reactor applications; that was in year 2000. The IRGAS System met all of the technical requirements, which included ppb sensitivity for moisture as an impurity, gas cell chemical resistance to both acid and basic semi-gases, and fast concentration tracking time response.

Since then the IRGAS Solution has been adopted by several other semi fab plants to assure that the epitaxial treatment gases are free of oxygen containing molecules at concentrations levels that give rise to O-atom defects in the compound semiconductor wafers.  Embedded O-atom defects destroy the electronic properties of the semiconductor material and lead to wasted wafers at enormous production costs.

Over the years since 2000, the purity requirements of the semi-gases, particularly the moisture content, have been tightened by the semiconductor companies by factors of 100 or greater; so the capability of the IRGAS System has been enhanced by improvements in both the hardware and software components.  The EPITORRTM  version of the IRGAS encompasses those enhancements and provides moisture sensitivity at the 1 ppb level.  The EPITORR is composed of the MB3000 FTIR, 4Runner 6.0-meter gas cell, and SPGASTM/SpectraStreamTM software, as well as additional integrated components.