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Machine condition monitoring for racing - Environmental


Grand Prix racing utilizes cutting-edge high performance engines operation at extreme RPMs and temperatures. To keep the very valuable engines operational and competitive requires a team of mechanics paying careful attention to the engine and lubricant condition. To support this, engine condition monitoring based on oil analysis has become a widely practiced technique by Formula One racing teams. 

Not only do the racing teams themselves take Spectro Scientific instruments to races, but the companies that design, build and test racing engines also are Spectro Scientific customers. We welcome the opportunity to continue to be of service to existing customers and to assist new customers with their oil analysis instrumentation requirements.

The biggest concern for race teams is wear debris that can damage the engine. Being able to identify the debris tells them where the particles are coming from. Most of the top teams use Optical Emission Spectrometers to analyze up to 32 metals found in the oil. Knowing what metals are present and in what concentration allows them to trend things like engine wear and oil breakdown. 

Oil viscosity is also a critical component for a high speed engine. Any breakdown in viscosity could cause an engine to fail.