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Medical incinerators for ebola containment - Health Care - Medical Waste

Over the years, Inciner8 have been involved in the containment and control of some of the most infectious and destructive disease outbreaks of recent times. From Ebola in Liberia to SARS in South East Asia, we have been instrumental in the providing high temperature medical incinerators to safely destroy infected waste.

Inciner8 know the importance in providing the right products quickly to the right locations. Containment is key in many disease outbreaks.

Our ring-fenced global stock of medical units can be drawn down by any humanitarian or aid agency in times of crisis and be deployed quickly and cheaply to the places where they are needed most.

In many circumstances our mobile incinerators allow for rapid processing over a wide area with a reduction in the cross contamination risk. Most of our medium to large models can have optional heat exchangers added (that provide the ability to generate heat or hot water from your waste to use for further cleaning or sterilization).

The World Economic Forum state: “Infectious diseases, which are among the leading causes of death worldwide, do not confine themselves to national borders. Their capacity to spread rapidly across geographies – jeopardizing social and economic security as well as challenging human health and well-being – is amplified by ever-growing globalization, increased trade and travel, the rise in urbanization, and changes in the environment, behavior and society. ”

In the Ebola crisis, the loss of life in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone was accompanied by the closure of businesses, dramatic reductions in travel and tourism, and trade slowing to a trickle. Therefore the sooner these outbreaks can be contained the sooner the local society can get back to normal.