GEA Filtration

Membrane filtration systems for cheese brine clarification - Food and Beverage

Salt brine is used to cure many different varieties of cheese. Disposal of salt brine is expensive and often prohibited due to high salt content. Ultrafiltration rejects the fats and proteins that are expelled from cheese into the brine and allows continuous re-use of salt brine baths.

By employing Ultrafiltration, the brine solution maintains a more consistent ionic balance which promotes salt uptake by the cheese and reduces the incidence of cheese softening associated with other brine treatment techniques.

As an added benefit, Ultrafiltration substantially reduces the number of yeast and mold cells in the brine solution which can have a detrimental effect on product shelf life or impart flavor defects in the cheese. This can significantly reduce or even eliminate the requirement for pre-packaging surface treatment of the cheese with fungicide solutions.