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Odor control for metal casting - Metal

Use Ecosorb products to remove foundry smells naturally. Ecosorb odor control products by OMI Industries are extremely effective at breaking down and eliminating the many odorous gases produced by the metalcasting process. They chemically convert foul and potentially harmful gases into non-odorous byproducts. Within the metalcasting industry, Ecosorb products are effective on amines, sulfur dioxide, phenols, formaldehyde, ammonia, partially burnt hydrocarbons solvent odors and more.

Throughout the foundry Ecosorb products can be applied to remove smells commonly found in metalcasting facilities. These include odors associated with triethylamine (TEA) and dimethylethylamine (DMEA). Common cold box catalysts are also easily controlled through Ecosorb airborne treatment. When combined with the non-toxic organic acid buffer of Ecosorb products, these amines will form organic salts that are easily removed from the atmosphere.

Eliminate Sulfurous Odors.
Sulfur dioxide (SO2) is another gas that can be found in metalcasting facilities. When suspended in an aqueous Ecosorb media, the sulfur dioxide converts to an acid which then reacts with the organic buffer within the Ecosorb product, once again yielding organic salts and thus enabling easy odor removal.

Improve Air Quality.
In fact, in laboratory testing, Ecosorb products drastically reduced amine-type odors to acceptable air quality. What’s more, Ecosorb products are so effective that in contact testing they reduced sulfur dioxide levels from 26 ppm/v to less than 0.01 ppm/v within 15 minutes of application. (The level of effectiveness is determined by the odor concentration, type of equipment used, and quantity of Ecosorb products dispersed in a particular application.)

Ecosorb Additives also have a place in foundries. In binders, shell resin, and cold box resins, these additives have been found to successfully remove the process odors and carry over to pouring, cooling, and shakeout operations.

Lost Foam Process.
The lost foam process uses foam molds into which molten metal is poured, burning away the foam and creating styrene gas. By running atomized Ecosorb 206 into the exhaust stream, complete control can be achieved.

Dust and Odor Control in Foundries.
Using Ecosorb products can remove odors in core rooms and shakeout areas as well as suppress dust throughout the foundry. Only relatively small amounts of Ecosorb products are needed.

Non-ferrous Foundries.
Triethylamine and other gases can be a serious problem in core rooms and pour-off areas in non-ferrous foundries. Using Ecosorb products to both of these areas can solve the problem in foundries of any size.

Brass Foundries.
Pouring areas in a brass foundry can be the source of high volumes of troublesome odors. For the exhaust stacks in those areas, Ecosorb products can be added as needed to maintain constant control.