Sierra Instruments, Inc.

Precision liquid flow sensor measurement technology - Monitoring and Testing

Accurate liquid flow sensor measurement can reduce water bills, determine leakage rates, and increase system efficiency. Solve accurate water and industrial liquid flow measurement requirements with clamp-on or insertion ultrasonic flow liquid flow meters featuring precision sensing elements or our complete line of multivariable mass vortex meters.

Sierra offers a full-line of transit-time clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters including:

While principally designed for clean liquid applications, each sensing instrument in the InnovaSonic family is tolerant of liquids with small amounts of air bubbles or suspended solids common in most industrial environments.

Sierra's multivariable product line features the InnovaMass 240 inline vortex flow meter and a unique immersible version, the InnovaMass 241. Both the 240 and 241 can measure the mass flow rate of any gas or liquid flow, and the sensors provide direct reading of FIVE process parameters at the same time. Mass flow measurement accuracy is +/- 1% for liquids and offers low maintenance, easy installation, and great configuration flexibility.

Available for semiconductor, environmental, biotech, petrochemical, energy, aerospace and many other industries, our liquid flow sensor technology can simplify fluid assessment in your application. Depending on which Sierra Instruments liquid mass flow meter you select, you can continually meter mass flow rate, volumetric flow rate, temperature, pressure, and fluid density.

For easy systems integration, we offer the following digital communications solutions to use in conjunction with your liquid flow sensor: BACnet, HART, and Modbus RTU.