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Pretreatment solution for heavy metal and harmful elements in rice - Food and Beverage

In Dec, 2013,  cadmium rice appeared again on the market. In Hongkong, 3 kinds of rice was found out of limits in cadmium, a kind of heavy metal which is able to cause kidney damage. However, in late May, 2013, the spot check by Guangdong Food and Drug Administration has just found there were 120 batches of cadmium-out-of-limits rice, which came from 8 cities in Hunan provinces.
Back to Feb, 2011 Professor Pan reported that early in 2007, he had a survey on rice from the markets of six areas in China, which showed that 10% of 170 rice samples were carrying over limits cadmium. This result paralleled to the study performed by Ministry of Agriculture of China that 10.3% rice exceeded in cadmium content.

Reference standard

  • GB 2762-2012 National food safety standard-Mm its for contaminants in food
  • GB 5009.12-2010 National food safety standard-test of lead in food
  • GB/T 5009.11-2003 Test of total arsenic and inorganic arsenic in food
  • GBfT 5009.123-2003 Test of chromium in food