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PTR-MS systems for biological research - Environmental - Environmental Science and Research

Real-time measurement of plant defense and leaf wounding reactions. Measurement of VOCs in dynamic biological systems with low detection limit and without sample preparation.

Leaf wound compounds - real-time monitoring

In nature reactions often happen very fast. Common methods of analyzing compounds released when leaves are wounded do not have the capability to monitor reactions of the plants in a time resolution high enough to reveal underlying reaction sequences. Leaf wounding and the subsequent interactions between animals and plants can be analyzed in real time without the loss of precious information on the details, using our PTR-MS instruments.

PTR-MS measurement has been used when analyzing VOC emission after leaf cutting. Similar compounds are emitted from different plants: for example 'greenleaf volatiles', C6-aldehydes, alcohols, terpenoids and phenolic compounds.

Scientists* have shown that plants under attack from caterpillars, release volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Volicitin in the saliva of caterpillars induces defense genes leading to the formation of indole and other VOCs which attract wasps. The wasps use the caterpillars in their reproduction cycle and by that, do a favor to the plants.