Ionicon Analytik Ges.m.b.H.

Ionicon Analytik Ges.m.b.H.

We are the world’s leading producer of real-time trace gas & organic particle analyzers based on Proton Transfer Reaction – Mass Spectrometry (PTR-MS) technology, with a market-leading detection limit < 1 pptv for VOCs. Considered as academic but also industrial “gold standard”, our PTR-TOF instruments are used in environmental research, atmospheric chemistry, indoor air quality, vehicle emissions testing, food & flavor science, illicit substances detection and medical breath analysis. We also supply industrial VOC monitoring systems, such as the “AMC-Monitor” for cleanroom analysis in the semiconductor industry, BTEX pollution monitoring as well as hazardous material detection instruments. We manufacture modular time-of-flight mass spectrometers for academic research projects & as OEM.

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Eduard-Bodem-Gasse 3 , Innsbruck , 6020 Austria
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Air Monitoring and Testing
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US


IONICON Analytik was founded 1998 as a spin-off company of the University of Innsbruck, Austria commercializing an innovative technology called Proton Transfer Reaction - Mass Spectrometry. Since then we have been improving this leading-edge technology resulting in the development of several types of ultra sensitive high resolution online mass spectrometers for monitoring and quantification of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in sub-pptv level concentrations. 

Today we are the world’s leading producer of trace gas analyzers with market-leading, real-time, single-digit pptv-level detection limits using the unique Proton Transfer Reaction – Mass Spectrometry (PTR-MS) and Selective Reagent Ionization – Mass Spectrometry (SRI-MS) technology. Our product portfolio includes quadrupole MS and time of flight MS based instruments, air monitoring solutions and custom built TOF-MS, complemented by our own range of trace calibration devices and accessories.

We developed our own 'ioniTOF' time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometer platform that we produce in-house for our PTR-TOFMS series instruments and APi-TOF systems. We also strive to let others benefit from our customizable, affordable ioniTOF ecosystem for research and OEM applications.

Since 1998, we are serving our customers in many different application areas including atmospheric chemistry, environmental research and trace gas analysis (e.g. emissions in urban and remote areas, indoor spaces, vehicles), food and flavour science (e.g. analysis of coffee, olive oil, butter, cheese, wine, herbal extracts and aromas), industrial VOC monitoring (e.g. in waste incineration plants, chemical factories and production sites of the semiconductor industry) and illicit substances detection (Explosives, CWAs, TICs). A special focus was given to medical and biotechnological applications where real-time monitoring of industrial fermentation processes, of synthetic gas production processes in the petrochemical industry and real-time breath gas analysis in clinical settings are carried out.

We also offer analytical services and are an active contributor to numerous international scientific research and training projects.

In 2018 we proudly celebrated our 20th Anniversary with over 350 instruments sold. We manufacture our precision instruments at our company site located in Innsbruck, Austria.


Our Mission

  • We provide trace gas analysis systems that go beyond standard mass spectrometry.
  • We want our instruments to be better, more sensitive and faster than other systems.
  • We strive to provide our customers with equipment at the leading-edge of technology.

The development of new applications using our technologies and engineering customized solutions aim to satisfy the needs of our customers. Individualized after-sales services and support is what defines our relationship with our clients. The unique features of PTR-MS and related direct mass spectrometry technologies – fast measurement, low detection limit and continuous monitoring capability– is what characterizes all of our instruments.

We are convinced by the advantages of the technologies we use and are consequently researching and developing to improve our products to satisfy the different needs of our present and future customers.

Our customers are our most important assets and for us every client is a key-account. We work together with our clients on individual solutions and provide customized products. Highest standards in after-sales service and support are key to satisfy our customers.

Our employees are highly skilled and trained experts, ensuring that our products meet the requirements of our customers. We strive for best quality at all stages of production and support processes.

Innovation is our history and our future. We are continuously developing our technology and cooperate intensively with universities and researchers all over the world.

We want to achieve sustainable growth and we work for the satisfaction of all of our stakeholders.

IONICON is a proud partner of the following international R&D projects:

Fundamental Research

Our broad academic customer base at universities and other research institutions provide the world with new scientific insights and publications by using the unique and novel advantages of our PTR-MS instruments. The very low detection limits in the sub pptv-region (absolute concentration measurement capability) as well as online and real time measurement of VOCs are the main benefits of our instruments. We have experience in developing customized solutions for specific problems for public and private research facilities.

Analytical Laboratories

Quality control and other analytical tasks in laboratories can benefit from our fast and ultra-sensitive quantification of compounds. Time is saved by measuring without specially conditioning the samples (work-up procedures) before injecting them into the mass spectrometer and obtaining results in real-time.

Process monitoring

The unique features of PTR-MS fulfill real-time monitoring needs in the fields of quality control, production plant surveillance and emission control. Mass spectrometric signals relating to relevant compounds can be observed with a high resolution, quantified continuously on-site and controlled remotely via the intranet/internet. Thus production failures may be reduced, product quality can be controlled and improved and the plant safety increased.

Analytical Services

We have built a team of chemists and physicists, who have many years of experience, not only conducting active research with PTR-MS and other analytical methods, but also working together with customers in many different applications. We also provide a first class lab infrastructure featuring numerous PTR-MS instruments, trace calibration devices and other tools. The services we offer to you range from study design, analysis of sample batches, data interpretation, reporting and consulting.


PTR-MS - Proton Transfer Reaction - Mass Spectrometry

PTR-MS (Proton Transfer Reaction – Mass Spectrometry) is the benchmark method for simultaneous real-time monitoring of volatile (organic) compounds (VOCs) without sample preparation in very low concentrations. We're the market-leading PTR-MS company.

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SRI-MS - Selective Reagent Ionization - Mass Spectrometry


SRI-MS is a new technology where the user can select from different reagent ions for chemical ionization direct injection mass spectrometry, only available from IONICON. Our expertise as the world's leading PTR-MS company lead to the development of new ionization technologies currently including H3O+, O2+, NO+, Kr+ or Xe+ as selective reagent ions.

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IONICON ion guide multipole technology

Increased sensitivity and resolution for PTR-TOFMS with the ION GUIDE multipole technology. Included in selected PTR-TOFMS and APi-TOF systems.



IONICON ion funnel technology

Benefit from the ION BOOSTER technology with up to 10x increased sensitivity! Optionally available for selected new PTR-MS systems and as upgrade for many existing instruments.


SRI Options

H3O+ and NO+, O2+ / Kr+, Xe+ as precursor ions.

Quantify more volatile compounds than ever in real-time with IONICON PTR-MS and SRI-MS technology, using the SRI/SRI+ features, and take advantage of single-digit pptv-level detection limits, only available with IONICON real-time trace gas analyzers.


IONICON PTR-TOFMS series Performance

Ultimate Performance in mass resolution, sensitivity and detection limits

The future of performance: from the smallest and most affordable PTR-TOF 1000 to our new flagship PTR-TOF 6000 X2, the IONICON PTR-TOFMS series is leading the field. Benefit from our experience and know how!


Sensitivity and LoD

PTR-QMS Performance Data

Market-leading online detection limits for VOCs reaching ppqv-level with ULTRA-PURE ion source. The best available detection limits for online trace gas analysis now also with H3O+, NO+ and O2+ as precursor ions.


Quad vs. TOF

The Analyzer for your Analytical Instrument

Quadrupole or time-of-flight mass spectrometer Since 1998 IONICON produces and develops PTR-MS instruments. Nowadays nearly all our analytical instruments are based on a TOF-MS. Learn why and decide what type of detector is the best for your analytical objective. Here are some tips which might help you to decide what type of detector is the best for your analytical objective:

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Proton Transfer Reaction - Mass Spectrometry

The technologies we use in our solutions: PTR-MS, SRI-MS, SRI+...

Learn more about the physics and ion chemistry of PTR-MS.

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