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Aroma real-time quantification with PTR-MS. Rapid screening for complex aroma systems. Rich chemical fingerprints due to soft ionization. Real-time sampling: high throughput. Ideal for chemometric data-mining methods.

Coffee head-space analysis

Espresso head-space analysis

EscpressoThis novel and efficient approach of characterizing the aroma of coffee blends by on-line analysis may shorten the time required for the development of new products and improve quality control in a more automated and objective manner.

Analytical studies and sensory profiling is performed on different commercially available espresso coffee products. On-line analysis with IONICON PTR-MS is used to obtain chemical information about difference in composition of the coffee headspace characterizing the different coffee blends. In addition, an expert panels trained for coffee tasting describe each sample by scoring 10 key flavor attributes on a 10-point scale.

The overall sensory description of each sample is correlated with the analytically obtained differences in chemical composition in order to develop a statistical tool to predict the sensory profile based on analytical data. In a second step, the prediction is validated using a new series of coffee blends, which differ in the aroma profile and which are not included in the development of the predictive tool.

The overall sensory prediction of the new blends based solely on the analytically generated data shows a good match with the sensory profiles independently obtained by the expert panel.

When PTR-MS Tastes Coffee

Instrumental Approach To Predict the Sensory Profile of Espresso Coffee

A major step forward in terms of correlation of sensory with instrumental results has been achieved by Lindinger et al* of the Nestlé Research Center in Switzerland using IONICON PTR-MS.
The scientists were able to develop a robust and reproducible model to predict the sensory profile of espresso coffee from instrumental headspace data.