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Pulsair`s diving bubbler system for swimming pool industry - Water and Wastewater - Swimming Pools

The Pulsair SoftWater Landing System is designed to help divers learn new dives faster in a safe environment by providing a soft water landing below springboard and platform dive stations.

Also known in the industry as a diving bubbler sparger system and a bubbler agitation system, the SoftWater Landing System works by piping compressed air that is controlled by a hand held transmitter. With 'on demand ' control, air is released from diffusers at the bottom of the pool aerates the water directly below each diving platform helping to decrease the chance of pain or injury to a diver if he or she enters the water at the wrong angle. In addition to dramatically reducing energy through the use of managed compressed air, the SoftWater Landing System provides safety, confidence to divers and extends diving pool practice. Also, rather than using alternative bubbler systems that simply bleed compressed air into the pool, the Pulsair SoftWater Bubbler System helps reduces energy costs by 'pulseing' air through the diffusers.

Pulsair's bubbler is a dry pipe system. Precision air regulators prevent water from entering the air line piping system. Increasing the pressure during diving meets will mark the water surface for divers with tiny bubbles.

Benefits of Pulsair's SoftWater Landing System:

  • Learn new dives quicker & safer
  • Reduced injuries by providing a soft water landing
  • Extend pool diving practice & accelerate learning
  • Increase confidence & results when learning new diving during training
  • Environmentally friendly and energy efficient