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Carus Corporation has been an active participant in the remediation industry since the late 1990s. Our Carus Remediation Technologies (CRT) team is dedicated to the support and growth ofin situchemical oxidation (ISCO), bioremediation and other emerging technologies.

For over 10 years, in situchemical oxidation with RemOx® S ISCO reagent and RemOx® L ISCO reagent has been applied at thousands of sites for successful treatment of organic compounds including: chlorinated ethenes (TCE, PCE, DCE & VC), phenolics, explosives, and many other contaminants of concern. In the last five years, improved delivery methodologies and understanding the background oxidant demand have made the design and results of ISCO projects more predictable. In the next five years, advancements in contaminant desorption, oxidant selectivity, and increased contact will further the success and applicability of ISCO.

The RemOx® brand of potassium and sodium permanganates is specifically designed and manufactured to meet the strict regulatory requirements for underground injection. A certificate of analysis (C of A) for each manufacturing lot is provided with every order.

As many remediation sites have coupled the use of ISCO for source reduction and bioremediation for polishing and downgradient plume treatment, it made sense for CRT to provide aerobic and anaerobic bioremediation products to our clients. In 2008, CRT entered into the bioremediation market with the acquisition of CAP 18® and CAP 18 ME® anaerobic bioremediation products which are vegetable oil-based anaerobic biostimulation products. This acquisition of products has allowed Carus to provide our customers with bioremediation products with the same level of quality and customer service we provide for our permanganate products.

Carus has partnered with Solvay Chemicals to market/distribute IXPER® 75C and IXPER® 70C Calcium Peroxides. IXPER 75C and 70C are high quality products that are cost competitive and offer a long-term oxygen source.

In 2010, Carus entered into an agreement with RemQuest to license emulsified zero-valent iron (EZVI). EZVI is a NASA developed emulsion of micro-particle iron, surfactant, vegetable oil and water utilized to reductively dechlorinate halogenated hydrocarbons. EZVI is a proven technology for source zone treatment.

As the soil and groundwater remediation market continues to change, Carus Corporation will always be striving to provide our customers with the best remediation technologies available.