Bentley Systems Incorporated

Solutions for factory layout, construction, and operations - Construction & Construction Materials

Reduce your production costs and get products to market faster by streamlining the design, construction, and operation of new and existing factories. Bentley solutions address the full lifecycle of your facility. Our multi-discipline modeling portfolio supports all disciplines involved in the design and construction. And our operational solutions enable professionals who operate, monitor, and measure the performance of production lines. These capabilities enable you to optimize production, improve quality, meet regulatory requirements, or reconfigure existing facilities.

Bentley’s multi-discipline modeling solution enables you to design and construct your facility and to plan factory floor layout. You can simulate construction and production prior to project execution to improve productivity and safety. For retrofits, our reality modeling solution helps you rapidly capture the context of your current facility.

Reliability-centered maintenance helps you increase production and minimize shutdowns. Our asset performance solution integrates strategy, inspection, monitoring, and decision support, and aligns with international asset management standard ISO 55001.

For regulatory compliance and decision support, you need access to engineering information created over the lifecycle of your facility. Our Engineering Content Management solution helps you manage all capital and operational project documentation, and facilitate sharing of critical information between engineering and operations.

With our solution, you will:
  • Create fit-for-purpose facilities
  • Engineer out production costs
  • Bring new products to market faster
  • Reliably maintain your facility