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Solutions for mercury removal emissions from flue gas streams - Air and Climate

For the removal of mercury emissions from flue gas streams, Calgon Carbon`s specialty PAC products are proven industry performers. These industries include: Coal-fired electric power plants, Cement, Boilers.

Calgon Carbon's evolving standard and advanced performance FLUEPAC® products have been plant-tested and proven to remove more than 90% of mercury. FLUEPAC products give you the flexibility necessary to achieve each unit's compliance objectives efficiently and effectively. Our unique and proprietary FLUEPAC product line has been specifically designed to treat a variety of flue gas compositions and offer a number of advantages:

  • We offer an exceptional ability to work with you to create plant-specific, low-cost treatment solutions based on such factors as coal type, injection location, plant configuration, injection temperature, and SO3 levels.
  • Our advanced FLUEPAC products have been shown to reduce activated carbon usage by 50-70%, giving more flexibility for utilities to implement activated carbon injection.
  • Our products can be implemented as a stand-alone solution or as part of a multi-pollutant treatment approach. Many FLUEPAC products are formulated to work synergistically with other technologies such as DSI and boiler additives.

FLUEPAC - Advanced Solutions


An advanced performance sulfur tolerant PAC for flue gas with challenging sulfur chemistry. SO3 is typically generated in the boiler when high-sulfur/high-iron coals are burned or when an SCR unit is present. It is also often injected to enhance ESP capture.

Full-scale tests have shown that SO3 levels as low as one part per million (ppm) can more than double the amount of carbon required to achieve mercury emissions criteria. FLUEPAC ST is specially formulated to greatly reduce the impact of SO3 on carbon usage rates. FLUEPAC ST cost effectively removes mercury in the presence of SO3 while meeting greater than 90% mercury removal.


A high-performance PAC that provides greater than 90% mercury removal with reduced carbon injection rates. This advanced halogenated activated carbon results in a substantial improvement in mercury removal efficiency and a reduction in overall carbon utilization.


A concrete-friendly version of FLUEPAC MC+ Ultra offering the same exceptional mercury removal performance.

An advanced performance PAC product specifically designed to work synergistically with a front-end mercury oxidation additive.