Fluence Corporation

Technologies for Wastewater Treatment in Meat Processing Industry - Food and Beverage

The main problems of wastewater treatment in poultry slaughterhouses are high energy consumption, high maintenance costs and complex treatment of highly contaminated wastewater. The objectives of wastewater treatment in slaughterhouses are to respect the legal limits, produce the minimum possible quantity of sludge and to recover the maximum possible quantity of energy. Fluence employs the following main technologies to design Waste & Wastewater treatment plants: DAF Dissolved Air Flotation: For the initial extraction of COD suitable for the anaerobic digestion Anaerobic digestion: For wastewater treatment and renewable energy generation Nitrification-denitrification process: For the final treatment of wastewater, in order to comply with regulations

CSTR Completely Stirred Tank Reactor. The biological sludge used for the anaerobic reaction is continuously in contact with the inlet wastewater.

It is used to treat and convert into biogas primary sludge, excess sludge, solids of organic origin, like food processing by-products.

Typically used for the treatment of:

  • Fish and Meat processing industry
  • Livestock wastewater
  • Excess sludge from biological treatment