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UV disinfection Proven Alternative to Chlorine - Water and Wastewater

The Dairy Operation manufactures dairy products and drinks – ice creams, yogurt, milk, ice teas, lemonades, etc. All of the wastewater generated from the processing operations go to an in-house wastewater treatment plant and is then discharged to the local river. The Dairy Operation previously disinfected its water with a chlorine chemical dosing (CL2) system and dealt with unreliable monitoring instrumentation, chemical storage, chemical feeding and possible off-gassing issues. Because of this, one of The Dairy Operation’s top priorities, when they decided to replace their CL2 system, was to find a disinfection solution that was reliable and simple to maintain.

System Design Parameters

In 2009, Enaqua’s ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system replaced The Dairy Operation’s chlorine dosing system. Instead of immersing the UV lamps into the water stream like conventional UV systems, Enaqua provided a Non-Contact UV solution, where the water flows through UV transmitting tubes with lamps surrounding the tubes. The tubes through which the water flows are produced using a fouling resistant AFPTM (Activated Fluoropolymer) material specifically designed by Enaqua for the purpose. The tubes have a fouling resistant smooth surface preventing any fouling from building up on the inside the tubes. This design eliminates the need for mechanical and chemical cleaning under normal operation conditions.

Enaqua’s specially designed Ensure Dosing System (EDS) was an additionally added feature to the solution that enabled The Dairy Operation to survey and optimally run the system. The EDS provides elaborate information about the entire system such as lamp status, lamp life, minor and major alarms, and flow levels, while making intelligent system operational decisions based on preset guidelines. This simplifies maintenance and troubleshooting and reduces the reporting time for the operator.

Advantages and Benefits

Enaqua’s EDS has been developed over the last decade with continuous focus on daily operation to make it as simple as possible to operate. Enaqua’s UV Disinfection Systems has allowed The Dairy Operation to consistently come below the disinfection limits established by the state, often achieving non-detectable levels. More importantly, Enaqua’s UV disinfection system has demonstrated to be a proven alternative to chlorine disinfection and has eliminated all of the operational safety matters and environmental issues caused by using chlorine.