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Vacuum systems in historical city centres - Waste and Recycling

Waste handling operatives face many challenges in historical city centres. Modernisation has to take place with caution so as not to damage buildings or surroundings of cultural historical value. The Envac vacuum system for waste handling is particularly suited to such environments, as demonstrated by our many installations all over Europe.

An obsolete infrastructure, narrow streets and areas too small for waste sorting are just some of the challenges faced by waste handling operatives in old city centres. And at the same time, stringent aesthetic and hygienic requirements are in place are as these areas are often tourist attractions.

More and more Envac vacuum systems are being installed in areas of historical interest. One of the more well known examples is the old city centre in Palma de Mallorca, where Envac has installed an underground system for shops, restaurants and some 30 000 residents. The historical centre of the city of Barcelona is another example.

Added value

Our solution is a long-term investment offering both financial and environmental advantages. We remove waste handling from the residential environment and at the same time add other value:

No need for waste collection trucks

Burying the waste handling system eliminates the need for heavy waste collection trucks in the streets. The problem of over-full containers disappears as waste is emptied automatically as required.

Easy to position inlets

As inlets are less bulky than standard containers, there is room for more of them, thereby facilitating sorting at source. They can be placed at convenient distances for users and be structured so that they fit in with the environment and at the same time take into account buildings which are listed or otherwise protected.

Lower operation and maintenance costs

The cost of the investment is compensated for thanks to considerably lower operation and maintenance costs. Contact us for a calculation of how much you could save. Moreover, installing the Envac vacuum system frees up space that you could be using for other things.

Better hygiene

Hygiene is improved considerably, for both residents and waste collection operatives. And as the system is hermetically sealed, waste will no longer attract pests or insects or release unpleasant odours.