Water Treatment Equipments for Power Industry

Drought in association with competing uses for clean water are continuing to challenge power generation facilities worldwide. In addition to this fact, power generation companies face additional challenges including finding innovative ways to be more operationally efficient while meeting tighter environmental standards and regulations.

Petrochemical companies require innovative petrochemical wastewater solutions to treat the process water as well as the waste water streams to meet the strict environmental regulations and compliance standards required in countries throughout the world.

Several issues associated with treating the wastewater streams in petroleum refining facilities include the treatment of oils, greases, volatile organics, phenols, heavy metals, and other specific contaminants.

Genesis Water Technologies partners with petrochemical companies as well as experienced civil engineering, and regional, national and international construction/project management companies to work closely and holistically to design, engineer, build, install and support our GWT series specialized innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the process water and waste water requirements of petrochemical companies worldwide.

Important Benefits For Petrochemical Refining Companies In Working with GWT:

  • Custom built, engineered and configured petrochemical wastewater treatment system solutions based on our clients requirements
  • Reliable & Safe with lower Opex costs
  • Optimized for Reliability, Sustainability, and Performance
  • Reduction/Removal of Specific Contaminants including oils/greases, VOCs, heavy metals, TSS, phenols, and TDS.
  • Customized to meet Discharge or Water Reuse Requirements
  • Treatment for Process Water and Waste Water Streams

Long Term Technical Support Services and System Consumable Agreements are provided.

Key Applications:

Petrochemical Refineries (Process Water & Waste Water)

Genesis Water Technologies has the knowledge and sustainable, reliable solutions to meet the water treatment challenges of petrochemical refining companies worldwide.

We looking forward to working with our local partners to assist petrochemical refining companies worldwide.