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Water treatment solutiions for power industry - Energy

Fluence has decades of experience providing sustainable treatment solutions for power industry process water and effluent. Industrialization and population growth are spurring the demand for power around the world, putting pressure on fuel and water resources. At the same time, power producers face strict pollution and air-quality controls.

For more than 30 years, our team at Fluence has been working with power-generation customers to address water and wastewater needs in the most effective way possible. Our solutions include:

We also manage complex projects for power-generation clients at a local level, using an integrated approach and ensuring short lead times. We offer reliable solutions with minimum risk, as well as proactive service. Our project development framework includes:

Fluence is a global leader in decentralized treatment technologies, which can be especially helpful for power industry installations that are remotely located, far from municipal infrastructure, or lack reliable water supplies.

We design and build modular, scalable water and wastewater treatment systems that fit into cargo containers. They’re energy-efficient and simple to install, even in remote locations. The units can be up and running quickly and easily, and can be added, moved, removed – and even redeployed at your next operation.

These containerized solutions are pre-engineered and assembled. They can treat water from any source – seawater, brackish water, surface water, and process water – to the point that it’s suitable for all applications, including in cooling towers and boilers.

Fluence offers short- and long-term lease and service contracts for these solutions.

Fluence has decades of experience meeting the water needs of the power industry, including production of fresh water and ultrapure water for process needs, and treatment of plant effluent.

Contact our experts to discuss your specific project details, and learn how our sustainable solutions can help you meet your economic or environmental goals.