ProMinent GmbH

Water treatment solutions for metering of solids - Chemical & Pharmaceuticals

If you need to meter powder and granulates with accuracy, ProMinent systems are the right choice. They always store, transport and process solids reliably and precisely thanks to our exacting quality requirements.

Our big bags store solids hygienically and without producing dust. The Ultromat batching station processes powder polymers automatically and produces and meters solutions ready for use. Our multi-screw feeders are also essential when metering solids and can be integrated in almost any process, be it continuous or discontinuous. They also tolerate huge fluctuations in bulk weight, experience little wear and are self-cleaning.
These three ProMinent products for metering solids are suited to various areas: from treatment of potable and waste water, energy technology / generation, flue gas desulphurisation and the paper, food, glass, ceramics and plastic industries to chemicals.