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Buncefield Terminal Hemel Hempstead – Case Study


Courtesy of Envirochem Analytical Laboratories LTD

Project Highlights

Envirochem managed the asbestos removal at the very high profile incident within the Buncefield Terminal. Our advice ensured that emergency repair works to the fuel terminal were not delayed during the reconstruction and rebuilding of the project.

Project Description

At 0600 on Sunday the 11th December 2005 a fault at the Buncefield Terminal caused a ‘fire inferno’ to gut the site. Envirochem were called in to assess and carry out environmental cleanup works of asbestos and chemical ‘fall out’.

Project Scope

The terminal was still alight when a team of consultants from Envirochem attended site for initial assessment. We completed a review and risk assessment of the site before starting an immediate comprehensive cleanup operation. Envirochem worked closely with the Health And Safety Executive to ensure that the clients Bpa and BP could safely reopen the depot and start rebuilding the damaged pipelines/buildings.Envirochem completed a comprehensive review of the environmental disaster and its impact on the rebuilding work.

Phase 1: Site visit with Envirochem Chemicals asbestos disaster teams to evaluate areas compromising rebuilding works. Desk top plan drawn to program works and method and risk assessments submitted to HSE for evaluation.

Phase 2: Set up site compound and commence environmental cleanup in order of priority, liaise closely with BP, bpa and the HSE. Envirochem Senior Project Consultant commented that 'It was important to deliver with both speed and safety to clear asbestos/chemical hazards to allow access to the site for further HSE investigations into the explosion. Efficiency and professionalism meant the contract was completed on time and on budget.      

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