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Polimeri Europa UK Ltd – Case Study


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Project Highlights

For a four month duration in 2014 a demolition asbestos survey was undertaken on behalf of Cape plc at the Polimeri Europa UK Ltd site in Hardley on the outskirts of Southampton. The project involved undertaking demolition asbestos surveys of all buildings on site that are due to be demolished due to the closure of the plant. 

Project Description

Three teams of highly skilled and experienced asbestos surveyors carried out intrusive demolition asbestos surveys of all buildings due to be demolished on the Polimeri Europa site. The survey was undertaken over a four month duration beginning in April 2014 and completing in July 2014. A high number of highly skilled asbestos surveying staff where utilised on site on a daily basis throughout the project to ensure that the tight timescales involved were adhered to and the project was completed on time. Another key element of the project was liaising very closely with the client to ensure they were fully aware and involved at all stages and therefore the project was planned and completed in the most effective manner for all parties. This careful planning allowed the survey reports to be issued to meet the requirements of the client. The reports also included various additional information above that required by HSE Guidance Note HSG264 - Asbestos: The survey guide.

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