US military uses Monoxivent systems


Courtesy of Monoxivent

Monoxivent has provided for the safety of the United States Military for years. Our source capture systems provide customizable solutions to toxic fume and air pollutant removal in military workplaces. Monoxivent's high-temperature hose meets the demands for military tanks, trucks, and other equipment.  Our 4000 Series Hose meets mil specification: MIL PRF 62028 (Paragraph 4.7.8, 72 Hours @ 1000-Degrees F).  Monoxivent also offers other exhaust hose up to 2010-Degrees F.

Monoxivent's standard and oversized hose reels have been commonly used at numerous military facilities.  Our welding arms, overhead systems, hoods, stacks, and custom solutions have also been installed in a number of locations.  Monoxivent is a premier USA manufacturer of source capture products and is proud to serve our military.  Please call us for standard or custom solutions - our design team is ready to assist.

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