As of 2007, 2G Energietechnik GmbH, founded in 1995, has been listed as a publicly traded company on the Entry Standard of the German Stock Exchange. While during the time of the IPO, with the original name of `2G Bio-Energietechnik AG”, the main focus stayed on the role as manufacturer of biogas cogeneration plants, the strategic position has increasingly changed since then. To aid both, the increasing international demands of the company`s needs and additional focus be placed on the growing natural gas sector, the company changed its name in the summer of 2011 to 2G Energy AG. Detailed financial information about 2G Energy AG is available in the Investor Relations section.Due to the particularly close integration of global sales and service partners as well as other 2G Energy AG affiliates, it is possible to always respond quickly to customer requests.

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Benzstrasse 3 , Heek , D-48619 Germany

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Energy - Bioenergy
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Globally (various continents)
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The 2G Energietechnik GmbH is 2G’s core of operations with the module production located in Heek. The company was founded in 1995 by Christian Grotholt and Ludger Gausling, whose last names were the foundation of the company’s name '2G' at that time. Over the years, however, the company’s name more and more reflected the nature of the products sold: the combined generation and transformation of energy: electricity and heat. For both the production site as well as the headquarters of the service center, the main drive of their operational activity lies in the highest of quality, flexibility, as well as customer proximity and quick response times. Due to the particularly close integration of global sales and service partners as well as other 2G Energy AG affiliates, it is possible to always respond quickly to customer requests. In addition to the de-centralized, local German service stations (all of which are only a maximum of 100km away from any 2G module German wide), there are also sales and service centers in the North and South of Germany, both of which are connected to the 2G Energietechnik GmbH: 2G South in Amerang / Bavaria as well as 2G North in Hamburg. Furthermore, the establishment of a liaison office in Turkey has already laid the groundwork for future success in Southeast Europe.


Manufacturing biogas, natural gas, and specialty gaseous fuel CHP systems requires more know-how than just packaging a conventional standard gas engine. 2G was the first CHP Company to offer single source manufacturing and 'all-in-one' cogeneration system packaging including efficiency optimization for advanced cogeneration modules. And today, we continue to lead the way. Our systems are a careful integration of superior components manufactured and specifically engineered to work together. And they're ready to perform - guaranteed. 2G cogeneration modules are performance optimized, and components are matched exactly to the optimum level of quality and durability. Our CHP's deliver highest availability, a long life, fuel economy and minimized emissions. Our engineers achieved industry-leading accomplishments recognized by independent research institutes and reputable universities. (Please watch our video).


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