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  • Water Services

    The Pitometer Group of ADS is the premier provider of water distribution systems diagnostics. With over 8,000 projects successfully completed, we bring our specialized expertise, vast resources and unmatched experience to utilities and consultants nationwide. For accurate, thorough testing and analysis, count on ADS.

  • Comprehensive Water Audits

    Comprehensive Water Audits

    A Water Audit is a full analysis of water processed by a utility. The analysis is conducted starting with an accurate accounting of raw, treated and sold water. In a complete Water Audit, the accuracy of the raw water meters and their output is verified. This production is then compared to authorized consumption, both billed and unbilled, to determine water loss in the system. Water loss is then further divided in Apparent; unauthorized consumption...

  • Consumption Analysis

    Consumption Analysis

    ADS Environmental Services can provide a detailed consumption analysis of the metered use of customers. This can determine the impact on water use and revenue of the current meter change-out program for 10-1nch, 8-inch, and 6-inch meters. This facilitates the selecting of 3-inch and 4-inch meters for testing and replacement. This service also could efficiently select 2-inch meters for the planned testing program.

  • Master Planning

    Master Planning

    A master plan includes a prioritized list of proposed improvements and a master plan map. Proposed improvements are based on modeling results. ADS Pipeline Services' experienced engineers use the calibrated model to simulate critical future conditions. When the model predicts unsatisfactory performance with the existing system, improvements are designed on a trial basis.

  • Measurements


    ADS Environmental Services utilizes specialized equipment to measure pressured flow in water distribution systems. Flow measurements can be used to calculate flow capacity in water distribution systems, accurately measuring actual flow velocities and velocity profiles.

  • Modeling


    ADS Environmental Services uses hydraulic models to analyze water distribution systems. Our engineers use a variety of commercially available software. Our engineers are also experienced with thoroughly documenting, installing and integrating the model on our clients' computer systems and training staff in its use.

  • Surveys


    Sounding and pinpointing of leaks and classification as to severity. Historical leak records are analyzed to determine cost effectiveness of replacing specific mains showing high leakage.

  • Tests


    Master meters are tested, using a Pitometer rodmeter, to validate production statistics and calibration data. The master meter tests are conducted by inserting a Pitometer rodmeter in series with the meter and comparing the rate of flow indicated by the Pitometer rodmeter with the rate of flow indicated by the master meter.

  • Leak Detection

    Leak Detection

    ADS now offers cost-efficient, high-technology products for flow measurement and leak detection with U.S. based service and support. These technologically innovative instruments form an integrated approach to system monitoring and leakage control for water distribution networks. ADS Water Loss Control Products are powered by technology from Primayer Ltd. and supported by the U. S. based ADS Environmental Services® for fast, responsive and trouble...