AFNOR is an international services delivery network that revolves around 4 core competency areas: standardization, certification, industry press, and training. The AFNOR has the unique stance of carrying out its standardization mission as a public-benefit organization while conducting some of its business in the competitive arena. The AFNOR`s core strengths — know-how and expertise — forge a skillset exploited by over 60,000 customers in 100 countries worldwide.

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For over 80 years now, the AFNOR Group has worked to promote voluntary management control processes by constantly gauging the interests of any and all socioeconomic stakeholders concerned that business activity is conducted in adherence to law. This is a setting where values like impartiality, criticality, and innovation are pivotal.

The current economic climate, shaken by the shifting currents of globalization, is a strong wake-up call to the fact that consensus is a factor of progress for everybody, across the board, securing greater fluidity in building partnerships.

The AFNOR's scope of expertise currently encompasses the tangible and intangible assets that today's businesses create or mobilize every day — assets like accessibility, diversity, or social responsibility, alongside quality, risk management, the environment, or sustainable development…

The AFNOR Group knows how to respond to the needs of any kind of organization, from schools to private individuals to administrations, community groups, businesses or associations. The AFNOR Group's can draw on its position as a central hub in a network harnessing sector experts (professionals on standardization issues, auditors, educators, authors) and partner organizations (government agencies, local council authorities, chambers of commerce and industry, business networks, civil society organizations, colleges and universities) to federate the people and competencies needed to surface and exploit solutions.

AFNOR Standardization surveys needs, develops standardization strategy, coordinates and guides standardization agency efforts, oversees that all the stakeholders to a standard get to provide their input, organizes public enquiries, and secures recognition for the standards established.

On a strictly business level, AFNOR Group companies are frontrunners in their respective fields.

AFNOR Certification, which delivers the sector-leading NF and AFAQ quality marks, is one of the few market actors capable of partnering customers end-to-end, from the definition of the processes best-geared to their strategy right through to national and international-scale control and management.

AFNOR Compétences is French market leader in QSE management training. The 16,300 trainees registered every year offer clear proof that the training programmes are well-focused.

AFNOR Éditions offers a multiplatform catalogue in loose-leaf, CD, DVD, Intranet and Internet format, and 566 publications. Add a document library that counts 34,858 normative references, and every audience is fully catered for.

The AFNOR association and its affiliates form an international group focused on promoting public interest concerns and better economic growth by designing and deploying standards-driven solutions to drive progress and build trustability.

As they execute this mission, all AFNOR group collaborators create and share four core values. By embodying these values, they are united in their commitment to serve our customers, collaborators and partners.

Our conception of value puts people first but also extends to a set of beliefs and behaviours endorsed across the AFNOR Group.


Quality is a focal AFNOR Group requirement ingrained in the culture of AFNOR Group people.

Quality is a challenge that we share with our customers, our partners and a broad panel of stakeholders as part of an ongoing drive to enable progress and gain competitive edge.

Our vision sees quality as an essential value for shaping the future.


Trust the pillar of social and economic ties is forged through tried-and-tested processes that we have nurtured every day since 1926.

Our position as trusted third party hinges on unwavering commitments on the integrity of people we work with, on accountability in what we do, and on transparently reaching out to stakeholders to make neutrality, impartiality and independence the hallmark of our activities.


Our activities address major societal concerns and help to build a safer and more socially responsible world.

Our governance mechanisms and decision-making processes are rooted in the long-term and internalize the sphere of influence we interact with.


“Working together in a network” is stamped on our DNA as a group, backed by an associative structure, that mobilizes our in-group resources to develop activities that serve wider public-interest concerns.

As we evolve in a broad network of member-actors, we facilitate the expression of each member's talents to help build better, community-shared prospects for the future.