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  • Ventilation and Fan

  • Agacli - Roof Exhaust Fan

    Agacli - Roof Exhaust Fan

    It is an effective fan especially used in pitched roofs to discharge humid air and grain dust inside the silo. To run this fan, it must be simultaneously started with the ground centrifugal fans. It is manufactured from high grade steel with galvanize coating. At roof installation, a special insulation is applied for sealing under any climatic condition.

  • Agacli - Silo Base Ventilation

    Agacli - Silo Base Ventilation

    Special-section ducts are built during construction of the concrete base of a flat-based silo so that the fan-fed air can freely circulate after installation. One of the vital factors in silo aeration, the ventilation ducts provides fresh air from silo base to crops in store. Special-section ducts are dug in concrete according to diameter, type and fan quantity of a silo. These are called Y-type, H-type, E-type and F-type sections. After completion of...

  • Agacli - Conical Silo Tube Ventilation

    Agacli - Conical Silo Tube Ventilation

    It is a special design tube-shaped ventilation system for aeration of conical-based silos. The system is fixed on the conical sloped surface with bolts. Fed by fans, air is circulated inside. Tube ventilation was designed to ensure a homogenous air distribution by giving adequate shape to perforated plates. It helps to keep fast-circulating crops fresher and be easily stored for longer periods if required.