AGU direkt GmbH

AGU direkt GmbH

AGU has been producing high quality compactors for small and medium-sized companies for over 28 years. Since fall 2016 the production has been hosted in a new production plant in Glandorf. All AGU products are manufactured using modern laser and edging technology, and welded on precision 3D work benches. In the interest of ensuring that all compactors have the same high level of quality, AGU has been implementing a quality management system based on ISO 9000. AGU has been training our own young staff for over 20 years now to make sure we continue to have qualified personnel in the future. This guarantees that our products will maintain their high level of quality in the future. In 2018, 2019 and 2020 we started cooperating with resellers in France, Denmark and Italy. Please visit our website for more details.

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Up de Heede 2 , Glandorf , 49219 Germany
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Recycling Systems
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Internationally (various countries)
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We have the solution for you: with our compactors, you’ll not only save up to 70% in volume, but in cash as well. For it’s usually the case that the less volume your waste occupies, the less your disposal costs will be. Regardless of whether you are looking for a container compactor (such as those for tipper containers), a baler (paper compactor), a bag compactor or even a universal compactor – with us, you’re guaranteed to find a high quality, fully galvanised compactor at a low price.

On our product page, for example, you’ll discover which compactor can best compact which types of residual materials and will profit from our many years of experience in environmental and waste disposal technology.

AGU machines only leave the plant once they are ready for galvanising. In contrast to many of our competitors, we do not have our products manufactured in a (cheaper) foreign country, but rather build our machines from the first laser-cut component to the last screw right here in Glandorf, Germany. It is our opinion that compactors earn the title “Made in Germany” only when each individual production step is verifiable. There are others, however, who opine that one needs only to host the final production steps in Germany. That does, of course, make it possible to lower production costs and create an advantage over the market – but it also goes against our company philosophy.

Sometimes, it’s important to be “on site”. Fast service or consultation which accounts for local circumstances is only possible through geographical proximity. For this reason, we have spent years looking for reliable and competent partners capable of providing you with the level of service and consultation that you would receive from us directly. Please visit our website ( for more details.