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AllMaritim AS celebrates 25 years of supplying oil spill equipment worldwide thus having made an active contribution to the reduction of damaging oil pollution on the oceans. AllMaritim was established by Jan Allers in 1988. The main purpose was to market and sell Norwegian-made oil spill response equipment worldwide, and the well-known NOFI oil booms became the main product from the very beginning. The company made an early international breakthrough with their first major export to Shell Western in Alaska in 1988, when they supplied a 400m long Fully Integrated Oil Containment System to be operated in high seas in Chuckchi Sea. The following year, AllMaritim delivered inshore booms to the famous “Exxon Valdez” oil spill in Prince William Sound in Alaska.

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Hillerenveien 82 , Mathopen , 5174 Norway
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Oil Spills
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Globally (various continents)

AllMaritim AS is a leading supplier in the international oil spill response industry and has been engaging in sales and marketing of oil spill response products since 1988. Today, we are recognized in more than 30 countries providing the best possible oil spill response solution to the benefit of our customers and the environment. AllMaritim AS is supported by two main manufacturers, NOFI Tromsø AS and Noren Bergen AS who produce a complete range of products of oil containment booms and oil recovery systems, respectively.  We are a proud supplier of environmental products that has made a difference in over 25 years.

During the nineties SERVS was established to escort tankers through Prince William Sound. SERVS became a major user of the NOFI Oil Boom systems.
Towards the end of the decade NOFI had completed a major R&D task in developing the NOFI Current Buster, the very first active oil containment system capable of containing and concentrating oil at a towing speed of more than 3 knots. The system was tested and documented its excellent performance in the world’s largest onshore test tank i.e. OHMSETT in New Jersey, USA.

AllMaritim has been involved in major oil spill cleanups worldwide, playing an important role by helping to reduce the impact of oil spills at sea.  During the disastrous Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, AllMaritim had 46 NOFI Current Buster Systems operating with success in the response. An impressive total of 250 Buster systems have been sold worldwide by the end of 2012.

At the turn of the century AllMaritim encouraged Noren Bergen AS to develop a series of oil recovery systems, ranging from mini skimmers to offshore skimmer systems, with a recovery capacity between 10m3 and 350 m3/hr. The NorMar Offshore Skimmer series have been recognized internationally and are being supplied to oil operating companies as well as Maritime Safety Agencies worldwide.
AllMaritim has been loyal to its vision of supplying environmental products that make a difference for the past 25 years. The company has grown from a mere NOK 2, 5 million annual turnover to NOK 145 million (USD 26 million) in 2012. The company is today recognized as one of the major international suppliers of oil spill response equipment. In 2012 NOFI Tromsø became the majority owner of AllMaritim.

AllMaritim AS was founded in 1988 by entrepreneur Jan Allers. Before founding the company he worked as a marketing director at Norsk Fiskeredskapsindustri AS (NOFI) which provided tools and equipment in the fishing industry. As the demand for fishing equipment declined in the late 70s, Jan decided to focus on a different market after an inquiry from founder of Bennex, Bjørn Bendigtsen. The inquiry was to develop oil spill response equipment as the Parliament of Norway had implemented a requirement to ammend Oil spill response and preparedness in the North Sea. Thus, the so-called NOFI- Boom was developed, and received a breakthrough during the Ekofisk Bravo blowout in 1977. The oil containment boom became a huge success and was sold to local and international oil companies throughout the world.
The production rights of the NOFI-boom were transferred to NOFI Tromsø AS in 1982 when their head office in Bergen was shut down.  Jan Allers continued the marketing of oil spill response equipment for Bennex. During the offshore crisis in the late 80s, Jan Allers decide to go his own way and started a marketing company called AllMaritim AS.

Mission Statement:
Our goal is to provide the best possible oil spill response solution to the benefit of our customers and the environment. With a highly dedicated team, partners and suppliers, we will add value through innovation, creativity and design, and continuously improve our products.

Vision Statement:
Our aim is to be recognized as a leading “Supplier of environmental products that make a difference.” Being a leading supplier means we will continue to ensure quality assurance, achieve a superior level of customer satisfaction, and maintain sustainable growth.