Anue Water Technologies, Inc.

Anue Water Technologies, Inc.

Anue Water Technologies provides innovative solutions for Wastewater Odor and Corrosion control. Our Engineered Solutions lower operating costs while improving efficiency for wastewater collection systems, wastewater treatment plants, and storm water systems technology. Innovative solutions for improving the processing and treatment of water and wastewater. We serve the global market with a network of sales representatives and service providers to actively support applications development, leading to optimized solutions. Our company works with municipalities, wastewater operating and industrial companies who encounter challenges with wastewater, to create tailored, highly effective solutions for treating odor, corrosion and fat, oil and grease issues.

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1923 Avenida Plaza Real , Oceanside , CA 92056 USA
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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Our company develops, manufactures, markets and services our unique technologies. In order to assist our customers in identifying the best solution, matching the application requirement to a specific system, our network of Applications and Sales professionals provide local support to consult with engineers and users.

Proprietary Systems
At the core of our designs, Anue Water Technologies focuses on the delivery of technology that is  highly effective, sustainable, and provides cost-savings. Our FORSe 5 system for odor & corrosion control in wastewater collection systems use onsite oxygen and ozone generation, providing a truly sustainable approach to lift station or force main treatment. As well, our EnviroPrep TM and HydroSpear TM systems provide both cost savings and a sustainable solution for fat, oil, and grease (FOG) remediation in wastewater lift stations. Users can automate lift station clean-out and benefit from lower maintenance costs and consistent lift station operation.
Environmentally-Sustainable Solutions
ANUE’s innovative ozone and oxygen generation applications, and efficient low-cost well washing products for FOG control, are designed to virtually eliminate odor and corrosion in municipal wastewater treatment systems including force mains, wet wells, and lift stations.