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Aqua Engineering Ltd

Aqua Engineering Ltd

Aqua Engineering Systems Ltd is an established business in the area of water management operating mainly in the North of England. The core business is the design and installation of water filtration and UV disinfection equipment for non-mains water supplies. It offers the following in-house services in relation to the control of legionellosis: risk assessment; chemical water treatment for spa baths; cleaning and disinfection services; hot and cold water monitoring and inspection services; analytical services.

Company details

Unit 1 Whitefield Place, White Lund Rd, Morecambe , Lancashire , LA3 3EA United Kingdom
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)
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Aqua Engineering Systems Ltd has over 20 years experience in Bio-UV water purification, Legionella risk assessments, water treatment and water pumping. Our experienced engineers are qualified in mechanical and electrical engineering (including Part P) and have a broad knowledge of pumps, filters and water treatment equipment.

We are based in the Lancaster area which is the ideal location for our North UK customer coverage. We cover a large geographic area which includes the North of England and South West Scotland.

Our customers have trusted us for over 20 years

If your drinking water is from a natural source, rather than from the mains, we can carry out a detailed water analysis, testing all standard parameters and also for coliforms, pseudemona and total count bacteria. Using filters, mineral extraction plant and Ultra Violet sterilisers, we can supply the right equipment to ensure your water supply is kept clean and healthy.

We use the latest in UV-C disinfection technology and we are pleased to offer to the UK market, a range of sterilisers from Bio-UV. This range is robust, reliable and cost-effective and is widely in use throughout Europe.

Our history

Our business originates from 1978, when Smiths Leisure Services was founded by Mr. Glynn Smith, former manager of the Super Swimming Stadium outdoor pool, on Morecambe’s seafront.

From humble origins, offering pool maintenance and supplies, the business grew and the present owners, David and Carla Brayshaw took over in 1996, when Glynn retired.

Smith Leisure Services flourished in the pool industry and in 2002, David and Carla acquired Aqua Engineering Systems, a water treatment company (and competitor) based in Cumbria.

The two companies were merged into Aqua Engineering Systems Ltd to offer a full range of swimming pool and water treatment services.

A growing North West company

In 2009, to coincide with a move to new premises, we created a new business, Applied Switchgear Ltd and we now manufacture our own electrical control panels, for achieving greater energy efficiencies in pool circulation systems and sauna heaters. We also manufacture panels for supply to the UK wide market, for water, waste water, fire and sewage management systems.

Helping the North West go Green

To complement our green credentials, we have also recently added another business to our portfolio: Artemis Energy (North West) Ltd.

We are MCS accredited to install solar photovoltaic panels and connect them to the National Grid, to take advantage of the Government’s CECS (Clean Energy Cash Back Scheme). Our expertise extends to Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps, Solar energy and wind turbines.

SPATA Shield installer members

In our quest to reduce our customers’ carbon footprint and deliver a more sustainable leisure industry, we work with the Carbon Trust and are approved loan administrators. As SPATA Shield installer members, we offer a bespoke design and project management service for new swimming pool build projects, all backed up for our customers’ peace of mind by the SPATA Bond & Warranty scheme. We offer a full pool refurbishment service and supply and maintain all makes of wet leisure equipment. We supply automatic, manual and liquid solar covers and swimming pool chemicals are always available from stock.

The water treatment arm of the business offers an essential service to the many customers across the Lake District, Cumbria and beyond, who get their water from non-mains sources. We make sure water from private water supplies is germ-free and safe to drink.

We are members of the Legionella Control Association and are qualified to carry out a range of services, including Risk Assessments, tank cleaning, microbiological and Legionella water tests. We pioneer solutions for a sustainable leisure industry, seeking greener energy solutions, including Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pump technology Ultraviolet water treatment and Pv solar panels.

Some of our services

From advice on cloudy pool water to obtaining Carbon Trust Loans to install energy efficient technology, Aqua Engineering are always there.

  • Microbiological testing of swimming and spa pools (UKAS Accredited)
  • Swimming pool water testing and interpretation training courses (ISRM)
  • Legionella testing of commercial water systems (UKAS Accredited)
  • Legionella awareness training course (LCA Approved)
  • Electrical Safety Testing (NAPIT Accredited)
  • Heating and ventilation design, installation and maintenance (SPATA Shield Members)
  • In house pump refurbishment
  • Design and manufacture of electrical control panels to EC accepted standards
  • Photovoltaic solar panel design and installation (MCS Accredited)
  • Air source heat pumps (MCS Accredited)
  • Ground source heat pumps (MCS Accredited)
  • Carbon Trust Loan (Approved Loan Administrators)
  • Chemical analysis and sales (SPATA Shield Members)

Aqua Engineering Systems - Pioneering solutions for a sustainable leisure industry.

The sun emits an invisible light: ultraviolet rays. This natural phenomenon is reproduced inside Bio-UV's range of sterilisers, using powerful lights incorporating the latest technology that emit UV C rays. At 254 nanometres, the ideal wavelength for eradicating micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, algae, yeasts, moulds, etc.) the UV C rays penetrate to the heart of the DNA and disturb the metabolism of the cells until they are totally destroyed. All germs are therefore rendered inactive (including Legionnella Pneumophila) and cannot reproduce.

The benefits of UV

  • Ecologically and environmentally friendly
  • Reduces the amount of chemicals needed
  • Non-hazardous
  • Eradicates chloramines in swimming pools
  • Simple to install, operate and maintain

Product range

Bio-UV currently produces dozens of different types of sterilisers. Made of 316L stainless steel or HPPE, they are capable of treating 0.2 to 2000 m3/hour. Designed to use bulbs that incorporate the latest technology (low pressure high-intensity bulbs, amalgam, medium to high pressure, etc.) electric ballasts and flow management, they provide maximum effectiveness at the flow rates required for each type of use.

Drinking water

UV is effective in killing bacteria and micro-organisms found in natural water sources e.g. springs and bore holes, which could otherwise lead to stomach upsets, for example. It can be used in conjunction with other filtration devices to remove particles and deposits to offer a chemical free way of purifying non-mains water. Bio-UV sterilisers are manufactured in stainless steel are compact and easily maintained.

Domestic drinking water
The DBP range treats natural water for domestic and light commercial use at the rate of 0.5 to 3.5m3/hour, simply and efficiently. Manufactured in 316 grade Stainless Steel, this range is robust and easily maintained. UV performance indicators are available as an option.

Use In swimming pools

UV technology has a proven track record in this application. It effectively reduces chloramines which means a dramatic reduction in chemicals, water and heating costs. UV makes for a more pleasant bathing experience, whilst achieving a significant reduction in energy and running costs.

Private swimming pools and spas

A special range to treat 5 to 100m3/ hour or more. Our patented UV concept is now fitted in over 4000 pools. UV makes for a more pleasant bathing experience whilst significantly reducing energy and running costs.

Community swimming pools and spas

The Bio UV MP range of powerful sterilisers treat 20 to 1000m3/hour, reducing chloramines levels by at least 50 % offering savings on water usage. They therefore cover investment costs more quickly, are more environmentally friendly and provide healthier water and more comfortable surroundings.

Preventing Legionella Pneumophila

Used in air cooling towers or hot water systems, sterilisers are adapted to flow and temperature in order to keep installations safe.

Ornamental ponds, aquariums
Our steriliser ranges treat 0.5 to 500m3/hour, acting as clarifiers and providing clean water to improve the health and observation of aquatic flora and fauna.

The question of cost

Without doubt, water treatment by UV is both environmentally friendly and safe to use.

However, high initial costs have sometimes been a drawback in the past. Sterilisers from Bio-UV offer significant savings over similar UV systems, without compromising on quality. This means any initial outlay is recouped much more quickly in running cost savings.