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  • bevatech - Ceramic Membranes

    bevatech - Ceramic Membranes

    Bevatech ceramic membranes are designed for the filtration and treatment of beverages, like e.g: Filtration of wine and sparkling wine, filtration of milk and whey, filtration of beer, separation of yeast, separation of fats and natural oils.

  • atech - Porous Ceramic Membrane

    atech - Porous Ceramic Membrane

    atech innovations is supplier of porous ceramic membrane products worldwide, offering competitive prices. The porous supports are produced under extremely high temperatures (up to 1,800°C) as to assure stability and resistance to corrosive liquids. The membrane is applied in layers, starting with the largest pores,...

  • atech - Ultrafiltration Device

    atech - Ultrafiltration Device

    atech innovations produces an ultrafiltration device based on ceramic membrane technology. Ceramic membranes can be used for ultrafiltration starting at 5 kD and microfiltration up to 1.2 µm. atech's products offer a long lifespan, due to high thermal, chemical and mechanical strength, as well as resistance to pressure and concentrated caustic solutions and acids.

  • atech - Ceramic Membranes for Water Treatment

    atech - Ceramic Membranes for Water Treatment

    atech innovations produces ceramic membranes for water treatment and other applications in the environmental, chemical and food industries. This means of filtration is highly effective and requires low pre-treatment and at the same time provides low maintenance and trouble free cleaning. This website provides more information regarding the benefits of ceramic filtration...