Auxill Nederland BV

Auxill is known since 1992 as a specialist in Filters-, filtration and separation techniques. In 1998, the company was divided into five different companies, of which Auxill Netherlands is one. The company focuses besides the Dutch market increasingly on the international market and delivers products and technologies for filtration and separation worldwide.

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Goorstraat 23 , Doetinchem , The Netherlands 7004 HG Netherlands

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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Auxill Netherlands is specialized in techniques for the separation of liquids and solids from liquids. The company focuses on the industry, but also increasingly on agriculture, fisheries and (semi-) government. Applications are legion. Techniques and products are used where Auxill Netherlands representation. These include the techniques and products of CINC, Apic Filter and Yamit E.L.I.. Customized solutions are the order of the day. In consultation with partners we are realising solutions that make use of its product range. Where necessary products from the free market are added.



We develop, produce and advise in filtration and separation systems for separating liquids and solids from liquid. It is our intention to find a solution for every customer! These solutions are such that they are environmentally friendly. As no consumables are used in our systems, it replaces sometimes chemicals and systems are energy efficient. We are unique in this with different systems! Our systems are very high quality, user-friendly and largely maintenance-friendly or even -free. By remaining small we will always respond quickly to changes and new developments.


Sustainable business is in the world of filtration and separation within reach, as well as we are talking about simple sustainable and affordable, as about environmentally sound solutions. We follow the requirements within the changing environmental legislation. Herein we precursor and we want to continue.