Balcan Lamp Recycling

Balcan Lamp Recycling

Balcan Lamp Recycling

In 1980 Balcan designed and manufactured the first commercial lamp crusher. To date they still sell their lamp crushers worldwide, to those who see the merit of crushing lamps prior to recycling. When we hit the new Millennium, Balcan saw the true need to have to recycle all types of lamps and bulbs and set about designing their own lamp & bulb recycling plant, which they would not only use themselves, but also perfect it and make it commercially available to those who wanted to move into the field on lamp & bulb recycling.

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Banovallum Court, Boston Road Industrial Estate , Horncastle , Lincolnshire LN9 6JR United Kingdom
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Recycling Systems
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Globally (various continents)
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As an actual lamp recycler, Balcan knows how to design a plant that will give maximum efficiency with minimum maintenance. Most other lamp recyclers are governed by the equipment they purchase and most of this equipment was designed and based around linear fluorescent tubes, which easily crush and separate into their relative components. The equipment does not lend itself to today's types of lamps and bulbs, of which there are tens of thousands of different ones, either needing expensive adaptions (if they exisit) or another unit for preprocessing. With the world moving towards CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) Balcan has seen the opportunity to build a system that ticks all the boxes.

The Balcan system has addressed all these issues, including dealing with a percentage of moisture and is moving its sights to become the worlds leading manufacturer and supplier of lamp and bulb recycling equipment.

Now as one of the UK's largest lamp recyclers, Balcan offer their one stop Queen's Award winning lamp recycling plant, capable of recycling all types of lamps and bulbs. Built on simplicity and practicality, the plant is easy to use & virtually maintenance free.

As designers and lamp recyclers, Balcan designed and manufactured their lamp recycling plant to accept both whole and crushed lamps, giving it the advantage over whole lamp systems. With its ability to accept crushed and whole as well as mixed lamps it produces some of the cleanest glass available from this type of plant.

Balcan's design makes the plant future proof as lamp technology moves on and its business model not only provides more business opportunities than existing systems, but truely helps reduce the impact on the environment compared to its competitors.

In 2006 Balcan were awarded the prestigous Queen's Award for Enterprise for their design of recycler, coupled with the use of lamp crushers, an award which recognises Balcan's commitment to the environment.

The Balcan lamp, bulb & cfl recycling technology, along with the use of its lamp & bulb crushers can help increase business opportunities. The traditional lamp recycling system involves an expensive, large scale plant which is fed by whole lamps from collection points. In some countries the waste lamps & bulbs are sent by mail and courier to the lamp recycling facility.

The Balcan bulb recycling business model, gives those who see the opportunity a greater chance to make a profitable business in recycling lamp, bulbs & cfl recycling. The Balcan model works by providing more efficient, yet cheaper recyling facilities than those that have currently been available. This encourages more companies to set up these facilities, in turn leading less distance for waste lamps & bulbs need to be transported. This model coupled with the Balcan Lamp & Bulb crushers will in turn reduce the transport costs even further