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  • Balcan - Model MP8000 - Lamp Recycler

    Balcan - Model MP8000 - Lamp Recycler

    Balcan brought the world the first commercial lamp and bulb crusher in 1980.  We are now pleased to be able to offer you the Balcan Lamp Recycling Plant.

  • Balcan - Lamp Recyclers

    Balcan - Lamp Recyclers

    The advantage of the Balcan Lamp Recycling Plant is you have one system to process all types of lamps. A system which genuinely cares and is kinder to the environment. When looking to make an investment in a lamp recycling plant it is not only obvious to make certain it does what it says, but it is also important to assess the overall environmental impact on using the machine.

  • Balcan - Model MP Series - Lamp Recycling Systems

    Balcan - Model MP Series - Lamp Recycling Systems

    Balcan now have specific entry systems on their equipment to deal with crushed, straights, compacts and plastic sleeved lamps and the output in terms of all recovered materials is among the best that I have seen.

  • Balcan - Crushed Lamps Or Whole Lamp Recycling

    Balcan - Crushed Lamps Or Whole Lamp Recycling

    Balcan lamp recycling gives those the opportunity to choose for themselves whether to opt for the whole lamp & bulb recycling methodology, or the lamp crusher, or bulb crusher systems, to help reduce volume prior to transport of the waste to a lamp & bulb recycling facility.  It can be confusing trying to decide which system is best for you, best for the environment and equally best for being cost effective.

  • Balcan - Lamp Crushers

    Balcan - Lamp Crushers

    In 1980 Balcan manufactured the first commercial lamp crusher.  Today, Balcan Lamp Crushers are used extensively throughout the world, both manually & electrically operated they are used in all climates to help reduce volume and control the mercury emissions generated during crushing.  Without the use of this type of equipment we would have more mercury being emitted due to uncontrolled breakage.

  • Balcan - Plastic Coated Lamp Recycling

    Balcan - Plastic Coated Lamp Recycling

    Recycling plastic coated & sleeved lamps still involves crushing the glass. However, when you crush a plastic coated /shatterproof lamp the end result is usually crushed glass in a flattened tube. It is therefore necessary to remove this prior to putting the lamp & bulbs into the recycler and this usually involves a person, with a knife, cutting the sleeving away, prior to the lamp being processed normally. This method has a number of Health...