Boralit is a dynamic company with 40 years of experience in rotational moulding of polyethylene products. Our motivated team aim for a customer-oriented approach both to our fast response time and our fast delivery terms. Our employees are committed to obtain and maintain a high quality and excellent service. Boralit has made superior quality its goal for all its products and has earned a strong reputation in the international market.

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Nijverheidslaan 12 , Aalter , Oost-Vlaan 9880 Belgium
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Water Storage
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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In the course of the years Boralit has, at the customer's request, developed an extensive range of standard products that both on the national and on the international market is sold.

We offer you an extensive and strong high range of tanks for the handling and storage of household waste water, light polluted industrial waste water, rain water, oils and other liquids.

Among these products are the wastewater treatments from 2 to 30 persons (KWZI or IBA) sludge and grease traps, hydrocarbon separators, pumping stations, rainwater tanks, septic tanks, fuel oil tanks,

On request we also do custom work such as slides, feed funnels, diesel tanks, flower boxes, separators,

Our installations are in accordance with the CE standard for septic tanks, water storage and water purification systems, oil separators and grease traps, fuel storage tanks, pumping stations and tanks for Multi purpose storage...

In short, Boralit offers a range of high-quality products.

Thanks to our many years of experience and high-quality products we are able to offer you a total solution.

We strive for a quick handling of your questions. A standard quotation you may expect from us within the 48 hours and a delivery of the ordered products is carried out standard within 10 working days in Belgium at you or your client

Boralit has a team to help you on your request.

We encourage you to explore our site. Step by step you will discover that you can find a range of high quality products at a competitive price.


Boralit offers a wide range of products for wastewater treatment applications (for household and SME purpose), fuel tanks for above- or underground installation, rainwater collection tanks, grease traps and separators.

Other products can be manufactured on demand.

Our systems are in accordance with the CE-standard for septic tanks, wastewater treatment, hydrocarbon separators and fuel tanks.

In short, if you have any wastewater issues, Boralit can offer excellent cost effective solutions. Thanks to its integrated production process creating a wide range of quality products, Boralit is able to bring its considerable application experience to bear while developing intelligent, effective, affordable solutions for its customers. The right solution is wonderful, but it also must be delivered in a timely manner. Therefore we strive to handle all requests within 48 hours.

Boralit protects the environment in order to ensure its benefits now and in the future. Boralit offers products that allow to recycle all the good nature has to offer and to avoid pollution.

Rainwater can be used as water for all kinds of common-or-garden tasks. Waste products can be collected for treatment.

Therefore, Boralit uses state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment.

Produced out of polyethylene that can be recycled up to 100%
Produced with stringently managed manufacturing techniques.
Invented by and for people with respect for the environment.

The past holds the path to the future

Boralit can be proud of a rich company history. A history in which it always had a keen eye for the future. As a result, Boralit has a top position in the market of polyethylene rotational moulding for 40 years. Thanks to its unique experience and extensive know-how, it will be able to maintain an advantage over its competitors.

Qualitative range of products

Boralit never stops investing in the field of research and development. As a result, we have a diverse and high quality range of products that exceed the standards prescribed by European law.

Proof is given by a range of over 10.000 certified types of systems for wastewater treatment, fuel tanks for above- or underground placement.

International ambitions

Today, Boralit has a top position in its market and is expanding its European ambition with offices in France and the Netherlands and a dealer in Bulgaria.

Quality is the thread

Boralit always puts quality in front throughout every step in the production process. Whatever the project, Boralit always focuses on quality.

Integrated production process
From the choice of the raw materials on to the assembly and the finishing of our products, Boralit keeps everything in its own hands. This way, Boralit has a total control over the production process which guarantees products of the highest quality.

A present of mother nature
Boralit calls upon the unique qualities of polyethylene, a petroleum based plastic. This long-lasting and versatile material is exactingly blended to produce the highest quality, most durable products which make up the Boralit product line. Careful quality control enables identifying, tracing, and resolving even minor product imperfections before they leave the manufacturing facility. These are some of the contributing factors to the impeccable quality and performance of all Boralit products.

Above all standards
Boralit has made superior quality its goal for all its products, and has earned a strong reputation for quality in the international market.

We have the certificate on the operation of our wastewater treatment system (K10004). The Dutch standards are also here very strict and are traditionally higher.
Boralit is the only company on the market that has the CE-standard on the fuel tanks.
There is also Boralit as first to have the prestigious Benor label. A Benor label indicates that a product is conform to a Belgian standard. A third, independent party, checks on a periodic basis, our factory production system. This guarantees the quality.

Man and machine working together
Boralit maintains its concern for maintaining a clean environment not only in its products, but also in its manufacturing process. Therefore, Boralit uses state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment powered by natural gas.

This not only minimizes energy consumption, but eliminates air pollution in smokestack emissions. Natural gas also contributes to smooth, fast, high quality production of its products.

Yet the best equipment and energy source are ultimately dependent on a well trained, well educated, highly experienced team of dedicated people. Boralit is constantly investing in its employees to insure it has the best possible people working to produce the best possible quality products, equipped with the best possible tools and equipment.

Speak to any employee and be convinced this commitment to quality in people, machinery, and products is a lot more than words on paper.

At your service

Thanks to its integrated production process creating a wide range of products, Boralit is able to bring its considerable application experience to bear while developing excellent cost effective solutions for customers. The right solution is wonderful, but it also must be delivered in a timely manner. All requests are responded to within 48 hours. Some intricate solutions may take time to develop, but a schedule for the solution will be given in the initial response.

All requests for standard product quotations are answered within 48 hours and deliveries are scheduled within a week. Lead times vary with product demands, but Boralit is committed to on time deliveries and where ever possible meeting the customer's requested delivery dates. Many products are kept ready for immediate shipment to meet these requested deliveries.

Boralit maintains a flexible production stance in order to respond quickly with high quality products, reliable delivery schedules, and excellent application solutions. Boralit's superior suppliers are partners in this commitment to flexible on time solutions.

International reputation

Boralit's excellent reputation has created a strong international market for its high quality, reliable products. Boralit is constantly expanding its service area with sales and service offices in France and the Netherlands and a dealer in Bulgaria.

Boralit is always ready to make product adjustments to meet specific local application requirements, and cost effective delivery methods to reach these markets with economical solutions. Affordable excellent solutions are the best way to protect our global environment.