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  • Magnetic Resonance

    Bruker's magnetic resonance business includes NMR, preclinical MRI ,EPR and Time-Domain (TD) NMR and delivers the world's most comprehensive range of research tools enabling life science, materials science, analytical chemistry, process control and clinical research.

  • Bruker - Model EMXnano - Benchtop EPR

    Bruker - Model EMXnano - Benchtop EPR

    Giving you the power and flexibility you really need in an easy to use compact enclosure, the EMXnano brings affordable highend EPR performance to labs for the first time, delivering a real  choice of analysis options. For the first time in this instrument category quantitative EPR is offered at your fingertip, thanks to a fully calibrated instrument and inclusion of the Bruker patented spin counting module. Routine Ease of Use with unmatched...