Cogelme S.r.l.

Cogelme S.r.l.

Cogelme is Your resource when you need trusted solutions in metals separation and materials purification: Eddy Current Separator, Magnetic Separator, Overbelt Magnetic Separator, Magnetic Drum, Magnetic Pulley, High Grading Magnetic Drum, Sensor Sorter, Non-ferrous metals separator, Stainless steel separator, Ferrous metals separator. Cogelme engineeres and manufactures separators for extremely safe and durable exploitation: powerful magnets double-locked inside, installed components are of primary quality, the structures are solid and particularly sturdy. What is more, separators maintenance is reduced to absolute minimum. Cogerlme Customers obtain the highest value materials and have reliable operation through decades. Feel free to get in touch with us by #Magnetic Separators, #Eddy Current Separator, #Overbelt Magnetic Separator, Magnetic #Drums and #Pulleys, High Grading Magnetic Drums for #Stainless steel, #Sensor #Sorters, #Ferrous, #Non-Ferrous #Metals

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S.S. per Genova / Via Postumia , Tortona (AL) , 15057 Italy
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Recycling Systems
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Globally (various continents)
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Thanks to the young spirit and energy, our management team creates and builds lasting partnership based on superior client relationships.

Cogelme has designed and installed many successful customized systems and plants according to specific needs of her clients in: Argentina, Austria, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, England, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, USA, etc.


It was not great things to give us birth, but small things with great love. The roots of Cogelme can be traced back to the 1930s, the time of inventions and discoveries for Carlo Fiorito Fezia – a great engineer and inventor, and a grandfather of the current Cogelme owner. He had developed and constructed different electrical appliances, both household and industrial, and his work was recognized and highly appreciated by the various professionals (doctors, engineers, etc.) of those times.

In early 1960s, the son of the engineer, Luigi – a man of great education and passion for science – took over the research started by his farther, and made significant contributions to the construction of electric motors, current transformers, electrical equipment, electromagnetic separators (Overbelt), glass crushers for the glass production industry. It might be worth to mention that his inventions are still used by some clients.

In 1992, encouraged by fast development of recycling economy in Italy, the company decides to shift her core focus towards the science of recycling machines. The company's name, Cogelme, is chosen to mark this shift.

Today, Cogelme is run by the grandson of the engineer, Luca, who successfully blends the inherited passion for invention and a  next-generation approach to create excellence and deliver high-quality products and services. The company continues its growth and keeps in step with the latest technological achievements, always ready to propose new solutions for material recycling.