Comet S.p.A. manufacturer of Diaphragms Pumps for Agriculture, High Pressure Pumps, Hot and Cold water High pressure cleaners. Comet spa is an international business founded on the strength of a world-renowned brand. With 3 production sites, many branches and numerous distributors, Comet works in more than 70 countries around the globe. In addition to Italy, where the company has consolidated its position of absolute prestige, Comet is particularly active in the European and international markets; with most of its turnover produced here, Comet is one of the leading continental businesses in the sector. Continuous technological innovation of products and processes and the internationalisation of its sales network have also helped the company`s constant growth in turnover over the years. Comet spa is an international excellence that enjoys the appreciation of the whole sector, earning a reputation as one of the leading world players.

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via G. Dorso, 4 , Reggio Emilia , 42124 Italy
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Pumps & Pumping
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Comet SPA, World Player, Ready Today to Win Tomorrow's Challenges

Total customer satisfaction is the foundation of Comet spa's mission.
This is achieved through the development of clear strategic guidelines for:

  • Increasing competitiveness
  • Product innovation
  • Constant improvement of quality and service

Innovation is the main route to staying ahead of and satisfying the needs of the end customer, successfully interpreting the rapid evolutions of technologies and standards.

New Acquisitions To Better Meet New Market Demands
Bearing witness to Comet spa's continuous growth are the acquisition of important industrial business and the constant focus on innovation and new market demands.

Comet’s mission: to create value

Comet S.p.A. aims to be one step ahead of customer expectations
Comet is ready to face the challenge of the global market, proud of being able to hold its own in an increasingly competitive field.
The constant pursuit of total quality has become the new Comet mission in this new and more demanding international context.
Aiming to strengthen its well-earned leadership, Comet spa has implemented a 360° expansion plan involving market strategies, production processes and the distribution network.

Comet Values: growing responsibly

Leadership and Team Work, the Roots of Comet S.P.A.'S Success
Constant staff motivation, skill and passion for the product and for the job - these are the essential elements behind the Comet brand's image and reputation in the market place.

All activities targeting the market, customers and suppliers have always been geared to the best possible commercial balance in order to maintain the high image of respectability, fairness and good faith that the Comet spa brand enjoys.

The open areas of our production departments and offices demonstrate the ethics and integrity on which activities at all levels are based, promoting communication and boosting creativity and the group's sense of belonging.

Company Ethics
In the new worldwide competitive economic system, Comet S.p.A. represents a set of competent and aware people who carry out a multitude of activities aiming to assure the succes of the company's products and services.

Respect for the Environment: Comet Dreams of a Sustainable World

  • For Comet, respect for the environment is becoming increasingly important in all its activities.
  • The target it has set itself is to help build a greener, better future, by protecting the environment today.
  • For Comet, this means greater commitment to creating a sustainable world.

Product excellence with the spirit of innovation

Research and Development of New Products to Satisfy the Needs of Both Market and Customers
In terms of innovation, Comet spa's mission is to understand the needs of the market and its customers.
In order to stay ahead of the evolutions in demand and supply the possible solutions as quickly as possible, Comet spa constantly monitors market expectations.

Comet customer satisfaction, to check that products and services come up to expectations.
In line with the concept of the 'extended product', the development of new solutions is based on the accurate identification of the reference target, designing products not merely for their own sake and for one's own business, but as the central nucleus of many services that customers can, and must, benefit from.

To assess how far Comet's products and services come up to market expectations, a customer satisfaction rating system has been developed, in order to highlight any areas for improvement.

About 55% of COMET s.p.a.'s investments goes into research and development and the constant improvement of new products.

  • Comet Spa puts 52% of its investments into Research & Development with particular emphasis on 'Total Excellence', understood not merely as product excellence but also as service excellence and continuous staff training.
  • A real innovation policy, clearly recognised by the market.
  • For Comet spa, this offers great satisfaction, but also the stimulation to work towards the launch of several new products every year.

People Quality

  • For Comet, the importance of the individual and his role in the creation of quality and in achieving aims, is a reason for continuous training activity and stimulus to growth.
  • Quality begins in Comet with the training and involvement of the personnel at all levels.

Process Quality

  • Comet knows that achieving aims is the result of numerous activities strictly connected to one another. All the company’s processing chain, from administering orders to programming, from the supply of raw materials to after-sales services, is regulated by procedural systems and subjected to continuous re-examination.

Product Quality

  • For Comet, the company offer is formed by two indissoluble aspects: product and service.
  • Attention to market changes and the requests of Clients leads to the continuous development of new products that link the fruits of the most advanced technology to our usual reliability.

Winning the new challenges of global competition together

Comet Spa strongly believes and invests in emerging markets
With its deep-rooted know-how and skills, Comet spa is able to win important challenges in the domestic and international markets, and is looking forward to continuing to compete openly with all leading global competitors.

Comet spa - italian excellence in the world
The Comet Brand is known the world over for the excellence of its product and for the high value of its customer service. All this helps towards creating a Comet product uniqueness, from design to production, from quick and secure distribution to all-round before- and after-sales assistance.

4 million comet pumps are working everywhere in the world
All over the world, the Comet brand stands for Italian excellence and the ability to successfully meet real market demands through concrete actions, courage, far-sightedness and product and service excellence.
One of Comet spa’s founding missions is to strengthen its presence in emerging markets while maintaining a strong leadership among its customers in industrialised countries.

International Growth and Credibility
The international relations Comet spa has developed in recent years are based on credibility, loyalty and mutual esteem, which are fundamental to positive dialogue among people and world economic growth.