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Each year, Europe generates around 160 million tons of waste. A large ratio of this waste is already thermally recycled and energetically used in Germany, but more than 90 million tons are disposed of in landfills in the rest of the European Union. As a leading company in the generation of power and heat from thermal waste recycling and disposal, we work daily towards seeing the antiquated model of waste landfills soon becoming obsolete across Europe.

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Schöninger Straße 2 - 3 , Helmstedt D-38350 Germany

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Service provider
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Internationally (various countries)
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With a total capacity of approx. 4.0 million tons, E.ON Energy from Waste is the leading incinerator of waste in Germany. E.ON Energy from Waste is one of the electricity-generating companies of E.ON Energie.

Unlike its competitors on the market, E.ON Energy from Waste focuses completely on incineration. Collection, transportation and sorting of waste do not form part of its business area.

In addition, E.ON Energy from Waste offers a high level of technical expertise in the construction and operation of state-of-the art incineration plants and in the generation of electricity, district heating and process steam.


Accompany E.ON Energy from Waste on a journey that began as BKB in 1873 in galleries and pits poorly lit by carbide lamps.   And that ends in the 21st century with Europe-wide activities in the area of environmental high-tech solutions.

Experience a metamorphosis that starts with lump pit coal and ends with waste as raw material and its intelligent utilisation.