Epoxytec International Inc.

Epoxytec International Inc.

EPOXYTEC is a manufacturer of epoxies and protective coatings, and has supplied and consulted on rehabilitative and protective solutions using epoxies, urethanes and similar technologies since 1979. Experience combined with quality products and expert service positions us to take a competitive market position in the related field. Born originally from Micor Services, in 1990 the name changed to Epoxytec. The reason for the name change from Micor Services to Epoxytec was to provide the market an upfront definition of what we do right in our name. Epoxytec is a consultant, manufacturer, and supplier of material solutions to rehabilitate and protect against the effects of corrosion. We do this with specific solutions, primarily formulated with epoxy and urethane-similar repair, coating, and lining technologies for construction and industrial maintenance and protection of steel and concrete. Epoxytec trains and certifies contractors throughout the world.

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3000 N 29 CT , Hollywood , FL 33020 USA
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Water and Wastewater
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Globally (various continents)

Our product line has consistently prided its quality and performance since 1990 adding value to customers in a variety of industries such as water & wastewater, mining & aggregate, energy, petroleum/gas, marine, and other industries.

Epoxytec offers unique solutions and services to Owners, Contractors, and Engineers.  Our services include inspection of job sites, providing solutions by prescribing the proper products and application techniques, assisting engineers in designing a system proper for a particular situation with quality controls, and assisting clients during the application of the products- by inspecting the surface preparation, mixing of the products, the application, and the atmospheric conditions.

The success of rehabilitative and protective coatings relies heavily on experienced applicators and the proper specification which specifically addresses the type of corrosion. In order to properly repair and protect, Epoxytec identifies the corrosive cause, listens to the Owner’s expectations, and then recommends specific material solutions and application techniques.