Faudi GmbH

Faudi GmbH

We are a company in the technology of filtration and separation founded 1938 by Fritz Faudi in Oberursel (Taunus)/Germany. The FAUDI company is a global player, whose expertise lies in the sectors of filtration and separation of liquids and gases. In the 1920s, when innovative people were still called inventors, the Rheinmetall engineer Fritz Faudi optimised the cardan-shaft to such a degree that he practically reinvented it! In the field of engineering the new `Faudi hinge` was, as were many of his inventions, celebrated and praised world-wide. Faudi decided to use his talent as a basis for his own company, and founded the FAUDI Feinbau GmbH in 1938. In the years that followed he invented spectacular techniques in the field of filtration, making the company`s reputation famous throughout the world.

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Faudi-Straße 1 , Stadtallendorf , D-35260 Germany
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Water Filtration and Separation
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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After his death, his wife fulfilled the couple's wish, by founding the 'Fritz & Margot Faudi Foundation' for sponsoring process engineering in pollution-control of soil, air and water, and the development of new energy resources. In 1968 she transferred her inherited share to the foundation, which still today, finances research projects at the Technical University in Darmstadt.

Responsibility for mankind and the environment, plus the desire to provide customers with state of the art technology can be recognised as the core philosophy of the company throughout its history.

Our demands on quality - for your company and the environment

For FAUDI, quality means much more than long lasting products and failure free operation: 'Total cost of ownership' (TCO) is an important factor in development processes. FAUDI's strength lies in their patented filtration systems which use no additional filter aids. This considerably reduces waste and is not only economic and cost saving, but also becoming more and more important for the environment.

The processing cycles of FAUDI equipment are fully automatic, supporting and simplifying system operation.The sole use of high quality components in designing our products is the main reason why equipment made by FAUDI is reliable, long lasting and safe.

Versatility is our strength

With the development of aviation fuel filters in the 40s, FAUDI made an enormous contribution to safety in the field of aviation.
Today, our coolant and process products ensure and enable smooth production in various sectors, i.e. in the oil, gas and chemical industries, in refineries and power plants, the automotive and metal processing sectors, and also in steelworks.

FAUDI equipment keeps production flowing

The higher the technical requirements, and the more complicated the systems are, they may react to even the smallest disturbances.
Water in oil can cause corrosion of equipment and work pieces. Pro-active filtration of solid matters in coolants prevents breakdowns and standstills and keeps production flowing.

Safe and secure with FAUDI

Not only the flow of the medium being filtered must be optimal, but the filtration system itself must always work optimally. FAUDI filtration systems have long lifecycles, are reliable and need a minimum of maintenance, keeping to our motto: We keep work flowing!