Feedwater Ltd make and supply a range of water treatment chemicals and equipment, such as water softeners, for industrial and commercial applications. They specialise in boiler and cooling water treatment, legionella control and prevention of Legionnaires disease using chlorine dioxide and effluent and waste water treatment. Their extensive product range is supported by on-site service in order to ensure that their customers systems run safely and efficiently.

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Taran Way West , Moreton , ch464tu Merseyside United Kingdom

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Feedwater Ltd is a UK Water Treatment Company, established in 1976 specifically to supply products and services for the treatment of water for steam boilers, cooling towers, building services and industrial processes. We were helping prevent Legionnaires' Disease before most people had even heard of it.

We have grown year on year and are now one of the leading companies in the field providing high quality, cost-effective service to many major UK and overseas organisations.

Through our commitment to quality in our people, products and practices, we have grown into one of the strongest and most reputable companies in the water treatment sector. Our credit rating is excellent - in these troubled times, you can depend on us being around for the long term.

We are committed to quality: as long ago as 1989, we achieved ISO 9001 accreditation (making us one of the very first companies in our sector to do so). We were also a founder registrant of the Legionella Control Association and its Code of Conduct for Service Providers.

As an independent company, we understand the importance of controlling all aspects of the job so, unlike most water treatment companies, we have our own in-house teams of technicians and we sub-contract very little. This enables us to control quality and keep costs low, so we can offer you very competitive prices.

We recognise the need to invest in research and development and we have won two SMART awards for innovation.

We are committed to protecting the environment and in 2006 won a 'Global Challenge' award for Dedication to the Environment.

  • Manufacture and supply a full range water treatment chemicals
  • Design, build and maintain dosing, control and pre-treatment equipment
  • Provide a comprehensive on site analytical and consultancy service
  • Specialise in ACoP (L8) compliance for Legionella control
  • Provide a drum free delivery service
  • Have our own UKAS accredited laboratory for microbiological and chemical analysis
  • Provide specialist training tailored to meet your needs

Feedwater makes and supplies water treatment chemicals, equipment and water softeners, backed up by specialist services to keep commercial customers safe and industrial plants running.

We are a UK-based water treatment company specialising in industrial and commercial applications and are experts in treating boilers and cooling water systems, legionella control, chlorine dioxide products and effluent and wastewater treatment.

In the UK and Ireland, our customers include major industrial and commercial organisations, Facilities Management companies and other water treatment system specialists. We also have a network of overseas distributors for our chemicals and equipment and are always keen to talk to other service specialists looking for high quality, cost-effective water treatment products to add to their range.

We strongly believe in offering good, old-fashioned service and value for money. Every year we save our customers millions of pounds on energy costs and water charges, using our water treatment system knowledge.

Please take the time to explore our website, where you will find details of our extensive range of speciality chemical products for a wide range of systems, such as cooling and boiler water treatment to control corrosion and scale formation.

If your company is worried about legionella control and Legionnaires’ Disease, take a look at our extensive range of services, including legionella analysis, risk assessment, training and water hygiene services.

If you’re having problems with limescale then visit our pages on water softeners and water treatment equipment.

If your concern is harmful bacteria and microbial fouling then find out about our range of chemical biocides and, in particular, our Activ-Ox chlorine dioxide products and dosing systems.

If you are spending too much on effluent and wastewater treatment, then see how we can provide the solution.

If you are a water treatment specialist with your own company and you are looking for cost-effective products to offer to your customers, then visit our pages on Own Label Water Treatment Chemicals and Export.

Whether you are looking for water treatment chemicals and service, a water softener, dosing equipment, a legionella risk assessment and legionella control systems, or just a professional second opinion - we have the solutions and we can help you.

Why not ask us to show you how we can help keep your plant running, save you money and keep your company operating within the law.