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  • FlyBox Oscar - Coastal Profiler Buoy

    FlyBox Oscar - Coastal Profiler Buoy

    It consists of an autonomous winch/profiler, FlyBox data-logger and a web-based data management system powered by SensorNest cloud platform. Oscar can be installed onto any floating platform making it ideal for a variety of project requirements.

  • Charlie - Data Buoy

    Charlie - Data Buoy

    The lightweight data buoy can be equipped with different sensors and probes which makes it ideal for applications where the configuration of the buoy has to be changed often.

  • Mona - Profiler Buoy

    Mona - Profiler Buoy

    A comprehensive tool for commercial and research purposes, Profiler Buoy ‘Mona’ is designed to be an end to end solution. A sea monitoring system consisting of an autonomous profiler buoy, data-logger, hardware controller and software based data management system. This system provides a comprehensive product that is both cost-effective and...

  • Salla - Submersed Profiler

    Salla - Submersed Profiler

    Bottom-up profiler for demanding environment conditions. Salla is designed for all-year-round deployment. As it is anchored to the bottom then it is not affected by the weather conditions on the surface and it can be used also in areas where ice is covering the sea in wintertime.