G2 misuratori S.r.l.

G2 misuratori S.r.l.

The company G2 misuratori is located in Italy and was established in 1997. G2 misuratori is a manufacturer of water meter, heatmeter, components and solutions for heating applications. G2 specializes in suppliying water meters to public utilities. Its primary objective is customs satisfaction through the pursuit of quality in the desing and manufacture of its products. Our wide range of water meters MADE IN ITALY includes namely: single jet, multi jet, meters preset for remote reading, pulsed output meters, Woltmann helical vane meters, ultrasonic and electromagnetic meters, irrigation meters, heat meters, remote reading systems.

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Strada Alessandria, 50 A/B , NIZZA MONFERRATO , Asti 14049 Italy

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Water and Wastewater - Water Monitoring and Testing
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Internationally (various countries)
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Its primary objective is the customer's satisfaction through the pursuit of quality in the design, in its exclusively made in Italy manufacturing and finally in the products; to this date the company achieved many important results:

  • certification of its Quality System in accordance with ISO 9001, issued by certification body DNV GL, for the design and manufacturing of water meters;
  • certification of its Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001, issued by certification body DNV GL, for the design and manufacturing of water and heat meters through the processes of assembly, testing and packaging;
  • water meter MID approvals (module B+D), obtained during 2009, and issued by the Notified Body in compliance with the MID EEC Directive n° 22/2004/CEE, also known as EN 14154- OIML R49, converted in Italy into Law n° 22 dated 2nd February, 2007;
  • the approvals of all testing equipments (testing benches for pressure calibration, and wearing enduring test) for single, multi jet and Woltmann meters, given by the Ministry of Industry, allows the concerned Metric Inspectors to mark with EEC official seal water meters, following the EEC Directive n° 75/33;
  • Approved meters will have EEC seal until maximum 31.10.2016, i.e. the expiry date of all the approvals according to EEC Directive n° 75/33;
  • G2 misuratori, as manufacturer, ensure the quality of each component in contact with water, according to the European Directive 98/83/CE, also known as DWD (Drinking Water Directive) that was converted into Italian Law D.M. 174 on 06/04/2004, 74 about water suitability for human consumption.

Production (moulding of plastic and brass machining, assembly and hydraulic tests) is entirely carried out in Italy, using modern assembly and control equipment to ensure the highest standards of quality.