Our company, Global EcoSolutions Ltd (GES) is dedicated to commercialize the state of the art knowledge and technologies into holistic concepts and integrated solutions for ecological urban units and districts. The solution areas include energy, water, waste, and logistics + information management. Furthermore, we combine these technologies with ubique ICT solutions, in order to create superior performance and minimum environmental impacts.

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The world is facing a rapid urbanisation- every day thousands of people are moving to cities. To cope with this process the world has to switch from linear to circular economy, meaning resource efficiency and regeneration of resources instead of generating waste.

Citizens expect their municipalities and governments to demonstrate eco-responsibility and the clients of real estate and community developers them to show guaranteed eco-performance of buildings and communities.

It’s all about sustainable urbanism whose central ideas are density, extended walkability, economic resource use and waste reduction, as well as energy-efficiency combined with renewable energy sources, all resulting in efficient use of resources and reduced environmental impacts. Conceptualized, localisable and scalable urban concepts, as well as utility and green building solutions, are the answer to sustainable urbanism.

We have created a business network of experts and outstanding companies to provide solutions for sustainable urbanism, integrating the best available and state of the art knowledge and technologies. We provide innovative and value-added solutions for both new developments and refurbishment of existing urban units. Our solutions are complemented by a full range of services throughout the project life cycle; from feasibility studies to operating services as a multi-disciplinary effort.

“We know technology -We provide solutions - We establish partnership for creating sustainable urbanism”


Our company, Global EcoSolutions Ltd (GES) is dedicated to commercialize the state of the art knowledge and technologies into holistic concepts and integrated solutions for ecological urban units and districts. The solution areas include energy, water, waste, and logistics + information management. Furthermore, we combine these technologies with ubique ICT solutions, in order to create superior performance and minimum environmental impacts.

As the provider of integrated solutions we create value by providing a combination of technologies, software and services, that both solve our customers’ problem, and create unique benefits. Integration is the key –creating a fully functional ecological and resource-efficient urban unit from feasibility studies to operation services is a multi-disciplinary effort.

We are strongly networked globally with technology partners (companies, universities, research institutes, and technology intermediaries), as well as with financing partners (private financers and investors, governmental organizations).

We position ourselves through having a partnership driven business approach. We can enter into performance contracting, public private partnerships, and joint ventures in order to show our commitment to delivering our promises. We want to become the partner to municipalities and land area developers, as well as community utilities engaged to sustainable urbanism. Our competitive edge is built upon:

  • Joint ventures and local partnerships, which provides us with relevant market information about the customers’ needs in order to maximize our value offering.
  • Global network of partners and experts, with whom we can create the best composition of expertise, necessary to exceed our clients' expectations.
  • System competence, based on extensive set of tools and methodologies for holistic design and optimization of sustainable environmental and community and utility systems.
  • Continuous flow of innovations, as well as a worldwide network of scientists and researchers enabling us to insure and to provide the scientific back up and evidence to the technologies applied in our solutions.

Our business model is based on networking with technology, product, and services providers. Wide and global networking is essential, because the urban development and real estate projects are huge and complex in the terms of technology scope and functionality. Customers expect to have system solutions offered rather than single products; a single company cannot offer the whole scope of technologies necessary for a urban unit.

We focus our global business activities on integrating knowledge and technologies into solutions and services; on technology development and licensing; and on providing related knowledge intense business services. Business operations (solutions and service sales) are done through local joint ventures and local GES companies.

Our added value in the networks is the integration of single products and services into complete solution packages, exceeding the customers’ expectations. The fundamental value offering to the network partners is an advanced channel to fast developing global clean-technology markets, as well as access as preferred supplier to higher–value solution business. The network obtains market knowledge, and access to projects through GES, mainly using GES’s Global EcoPortal for information services.

Joint ventures and local partnerships are seen both as an opportunity, and sometimes also as a must to succeed in emerging markets. Becoming local through joint ventures and local companies is sometimes the only way to gain market access. Acquiring market knowledge and establish channels to market are crucial in order to access projects.

We are committed to invest as a minority shareholder to joint ventures, while the major part of funding is to be organized from 3rd Party sources. In order to demonstrate our commitment to our value proposition, we can enter to joint ventures on a project or business basis and to longer-term performance agreements.

The Global EcoPortal is a tool for technology producers to market their innovative technology solutions on markets, otherwise unreachable for small and medium scale players. The Global EcoPortal provides up-to-date information on ongoing and incoming projects, how to participate in these projects, and how to become a preferred partner. The preferred partners of each project are chosen as a technology provider for the specific project. The Global EcoPortal enables players to market their products in order both to become a preferred supplier, and to initiate cooperation with other players in order to improve the performance of their products and services. Through advertisement, the Global EcoPortal offers a marketing place for services and products, reaching the absolute target audience with very little effort.

The Global EcoPortal offers insight on the state of the art technology innovations within the field of utility technology, enabling project managers to explore and learn about the latest technology solutions. The Global EcoPortal also offers a marketing place for projects to come. Additionally, cutting edge Finnish utility technology providers can be found through the Global EcoPortal, enabling easy access for project managers and municipal planners to technology suppliers.

As a talent market, the Global EcoPortal connects talents with opportunities; employers and applicants are given the opportunity to find each other in the Global EcoPortal, where open positions, as well as skills and knowhow can be announced.

We conceptualise sustainable urbanism, integrating state of the art knowledge and technologies into solutions for custom-made ecological and resource-efficient urban units. The scope of our solution offering may comprise from green buildings, distributed multi-source energy supply, water and waste management, urban logistics, as well as ICT infra and holistic ubique e/m services, or any combination of these.

Our approach to solution offering is based on providing the necessary services for citizens, visitors, business and government and at the same time solving our customers’ problem, and creating unique benefits. We flag for the E3+I3 model, meaning Economical, Energy and Eco-efficiency based on Integrated, Industrialized and Interoperable (ICT enabled) systems.

Requirement management of an urban unit, its utility systems and buildings is a complex and multi-disciplinary effort. Our Global EcoMetrics system is designed as a tool for requirement management during the whole life cycle of a urban unit. The Global EcoMetrics is custom-made for each project, defining all performance targets for planning, construction and operation, based on stakeholders needs and expectations.

System solutions are integrated to an ecologically and economically optimal configuration, using advanced tools and outstanding knowledge on systems design. Our solutions combine products and services of our preferred suppliers (global and/or local) whose offering meets performance requirements, are commercially competitive and can provide global / market region support.

Our business focus is as well on new urban units, as on refurbishing existing urban units, so called eco-upgrading. In existing urban units, old technology is replaced with new, efficient technology. New urban areas can be planned sustainably from the beginning, enabling the utilization of e.g. renewable energy resources (wind, water etc.)

We provide the full range of services throughout the project life cycle; from feasibility studies to operating services as a multi-disciplinary effort. Advanced holistic solutions and services are based on own technology and know-how supplemented with technology and know-how from our technology partners.

Depending on a client's specific requirements, the range and depth of our services can encompass:

  • Feasibility studies and risk assessments
  • Concept and solution development
  • Construction services
  • Operating services
  • Knowledge intense business services

We differentiate through having a partnership–driven business approach, i.e. local partnerships and joint ventures, with the involvement of local investors, decision makers and service providers. Through our business networks we have access to specialists having skills and scale to perform globally, as well as to companies having outstanding technologies and products.

We apply the open innovation model in order to acquire most advanced technologies, as well as to speed up the commercialisation process. For this business model to work after and while creating demand, it is imperative to build interactive and innovative ecosystems. The ecosystems collaborate and collect information and knowledge for miniclusters to be able to build and offer the best possible solutions for high-tech ecological urban unit projects globally.

Our GlobalEco Innovation system consist of companies developing and providing products and technologies, research institutions, universities, etc. Open innovation enables the “technology seekers” to acquire inventions and technologies from universities and research institutes, thus, helping their product development by utilizing external knowledge. At the same time “technology solvers” are enabled to commercialize their innovations. GES acts as an intermediary between the solution and technology seekers and the solvers (technology transfer).