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  • Glosfume Ceramic Filters

    Glosfume Ceramic Filters

    Glosfume Ceramic filters are exceptionally compact and compatible with the most constricted sites. Our standard range includes three models HTMC256, HTMC400 and HTMC600 rated at 3,150 - 5,000 and 7,200Am3/hr respectively. They all operate at up to 400°C with the ability to reduce particulates below 3mg/Nm3.

  • Glosfume Ceramic Filter Elements

    Glosfume Ceramic Filter Elements

    Ceramic Filter elements are manufactured at our factory in the UK by Glosfume Technologies Ltd. This allows Glosfume Ltd to maintain strict quality control with a capacity to manufacture 100,000 elements a year. When fitted to our new filter installations we offer a 2 year parts and labour guarantee. Unlike conventional ceramic elements, glosfume elements increase in strength when subjected to temperature.

  • Glosfume Filter Designs

    Glosfume Filter Designs

    Glosfume filters are a modular design and exceptionally compact, which makes them avaliable to the most constricted locations.  As well as the versatility of bespoke systems, our range includes three standardised modular pods (HTMC 256, HTMC 400 AND HTMC 600) rated from 3000 Am3/hr to 7500 Am3/hr. The footprint of our filters falls comfortably within existing height restrictions for UK planning and transportation to and from the UK. Our...