Golden Specialty, Inc.

Golden Specialty, Inc.

Golden has extensive expertise in the use of analytical methods approved by federal and state environmental regulatory agencies. The foundation of our company is the production and presentation of accurate analytical data. All tests are performed in strict compliance with project-specific data quality objectives, and regulated methodology when required. From PM2.5 and GC/MS, to onsite or in-lab FTIR, our experienced scientists and leading technology allow for the flexibility to fulfill a wide variety of projects. We have multiple-state NELAP accreditations, advanced instrumentation, and strong, sound science processes. Above all else, our client's priorities are our primary focus and we pride ourselves on timely, accurate results and efficient service.

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1560 W. Bay Area Blvd. #200 , Friendswood , Texas 77546 USA
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Air Monitoring and Testing
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Golden Specialty was founded in 1997 to provide expert environmental testing and consulting services for clients in the greater Houston/Galveston area. As our size and reputation for value and integrity grew, the original office in Deer Park, Texas became our corporate headquarters, and we now have offices in the Pacific Northwest, Southwest, Midwest, and Northeast, and offer services throughout the US and internationally.


At Golden Specialty, our mission is simple: to provide the most accurate and helpful emissions testing products and services in the industry.

Core Values

Our core values are quality, competence, and integrity. We promote and maintain our values through dedicated personnel who share our commitment to providing industry-best environmental solutions and unsurpassed customer service.


Golden Specialty is staffed by experienced, full-time professionals who provide authoritative insight and guidance for your environmental issues and projects. Attention to quality excellence is evidenced by Golden receiving ASTM D7036 accreditation in January 2013 in the first group of three firms awarded this credential.  ASTM D7036 is the first quality certification implemented for emissions testing companies. 

Our team has significant experience in diverse disciplines:

  • environmental engineering
  • industrial engineering
  • geotechnical engineering
  • manufacturing engineering
  • chemical engineering
  • mechanical engineering
  • risk analysis pollution prevention
  • power plant maintenance
  • emissions testing
  • instrumentation maintenance
  • chemistry
  • biology
  • industrial hygiene
  • toxicology
  • health and safety program management

With over 125 years combined experience, our key management team can assist you with any air-related issue. We do not hire outside contract personnel to conduct routine emissions testing projects.

Employee Certifications
Each employee is trained to meet ASTM D7036, LELAP, and NELAP standards, and has a Qualified Individual rating according to ASTM 7036.

Safety Record
We maintain an excellent safety record and provide rigorous in-house and safety council training for our employees. We hold NCMS (National Compliance Management Society) certification due to the outstanding quality of our safety programs.

We’re currently accredited in Texas by NELAP (National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program) and in Louisiana by LELAP (Louisiana Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program), which has adopted NELAP standards.  Golden is also the first in the Source Testing Accreditation Council (STAC) program to achieve ASTM D7036, which is an ISO17025 derivative standard.


Golden Specialty provides industry leading products and services for on-site emissions testing (stack testing) from stationary sources. Our certified and experienced staff use state of the art equipment and redundant testing systems to ensure trouble-free projects and the highest quality data.


Air testing firms and industrial facilities look to Golden Specialty's air lab for great service and rock solid data for air emissions and exposure monitoring analysis. Our accreditations include TCEQ, LELAP, and NELAP.  We use a range of platforms to perform EPA, state, NIOSH, ASTM, and other methods, and to provide fast, reliable service domestically and internationally.  Our Deer Park, Texas location is convenient for clients in the Gulf Coast industrial complex.

Equipment and Instrument Rentals

We sell and lease a wide variety of air testing equipment, parts, supplies, and maintenance service packages for clients conducting their own tests. Please browse our catalog or contact us for more information.


Environmental managers who contract for testing services will find it useful to understand some of the essential calculations and conversions that underpin the final data products.

Employment Opportunities

We’re always looking for bright, enthusiastic, and qualified people to join our team. We offer competitive compensation packages with benefits.