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  • Testing

    At Golden Specialty, our goal is to provide the highest quality source emissions testing data in the business. State-of-the-art equipment, redundant testing systems, exclusive dual-point inspection, and rapid response capabilities mean our expert personnel are able to meet your most demanding expectations.

  • Emissions Testing Services

    Emissions Testing Services

    We offer on-site emissions testing from stationary sources domestically and internationally, from Alaska to Zimbabwe and anywhere in between.

  • Mobile Laboratories Services

    Mobile Laboratories Services

    Our advanced mobile testing laboratories are outfitted with the latest equipment and technologies, which allow us to provide a combination of real-time results for numerous pollutants as well as all the traditional “wet” testing.

  • Redundant Testing Services

    Redundant Testing Services

    Redundant testing systems enable our expert personnel to optimize data quality, provide system backup of analysis, or sample two sources.

  • Ambient Air Testing Services

    Ambient Air Testing Services

    Our ambient air testing services measure criteria pollutants including carbon monoxide, ozone, oxides of nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, PM10, PM 2.5, total suspended particulates, and lead.

  • Additional Testing and Consulting Services

  • Consulting Services

    Consulting Services

    Any environmental air quality project can benefit from our expert consultation. We offer particular expertise in helping clients meet regulatory requirements: air quality compliance consultation, regulatory assessments, emissions test plans and protocols, permit review and evaluation, OSHA requirements for employee safety and industrial hygiene.

  • Other Testing Services

    Other Testing Services

    We also provide diverse services for a variety of miscellaneous testing: air toxics emissions surveys, diagnosis of process operations problems, emissions control equipment performance evaluation, process performance testing and evaluation, bulk gasoline terminals, thermal oxidizers efficiency testing, gas turbines tuning and performance guarantees, dispersion modeling, trial burns – pilot plant or engineering scale, Equipment Evaluations.

  • Equipment Evaluations

    Equipment Evaluations

    To help pinpoint problems, we offer inspection and evaluation of equipment in addition to our normal range of testing and consulting services: Vapor recovery unit efficiency, air pollution control equipment, control device performance/DRE testing, fugitive emissions, diagnosis of process operation problems.

  • On-Site Analysis Services

    On-Site Analysis Services

    Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy for Organics and Inorganics. Our staff have extensive experience with extractive Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy. With this versatile technology, a single instrument can simultaneously measure multiple compounds of diverse chemical groups that might otherwise require very different sampling techniques for quantification.

Services by Environics, Inc.

  • Environics Service Agreement

    Environics Service Agreement

    All Environics systems, with the exception of the Series 7000 Zero Air Generator, are calibrated using a NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) recognized and traceable primary flow measurement standard, the Sierra Cal-Bench, Serial Numbers #1010, 1069 or 1089 prior to delivery.

  • Zero Air Generator Maintenance Services

    Zero Air Generator Maintenance Services

    In order to keep your ZAG working at the highest level, we recommend the following maintenance schedule, assuming average system conditions and use. Fan filter should be cleaned by blowing out the filter monthly. The pollution scrubber/converter and secondary scrubber media should be replaced yearly. The input and output particle filters should be replaced yearly.

Services by Environmental Supply Company, Inc.

  • Wind Tunnel Calibration Services

    Wind Tunnel Calibration Services

    ESC provides wind tunnel calibration services for a variety of probes at various flow conditions. ESC’s onsite wind tunnel is certified to the requirements stated in Method 2F for calibration of three-dimensional probes. The typical three-dimensional probe calibration is performed at 60 and 90 feet per second velocities while moving the probe through simulated pitch angles. Calibration at a third velocity can be performed to improve the...

  • Design Services

    Design Services

    At ESC we are in the business of delivering timely solutions to your specific requirements. We are able to design, develop, and manufacture unique equipment and custom systems to fulfill special applications. Our intention is to provide the system or system components that conform to YOUR specifications and/or YOUR design. We will be delighted to discuss your particular requirements and recommend the best solution and value for your needs, when...

  • Engineering Services

    Engineering Services

    ESC engineers and manufactures source testing equipment that fulfills or surpasses the technical and operational requirements specified by the U.S. EPA for their Stationary Source Testing Methods. Our systems are engineered for reliability, ease of use, and long operating life. We stock standard equipment ready to ship when an order is placed. The ESC products that you receive may differ from catalog or website representations due to design...

  • Technical Support Services

    Technical Support Services

    Source sampling professionals worldwide depend on Environmental Supply for superior products and superior support.Our staff has extensive experience in design and manufacturing of portable, reliable equipment and systems.  We are dedicated to providing the necessary technical support information that will assist our customers in environmental source testing.

Services by VIG Industries

  • Sales and Service

    Sales and Service

    VIG Industries, Inc. offers a wide variety of its own products as well as offering service and spare parts for analyzers from other manufactures. We offer free repair estimates. All you pay is shipping costs. We offer very competitive pricing. Turn around time for repairs is usually 1 week but can be expedited if needed.

Services by A. P. Buck Inc.

  • Return Material Authorization (RMA) Services

    Return Material Authorization (RMA) Services

    You need to Request an RMA (Return Material Authorization) prior to sending your equipment into AP Buck. This can be accomplished by either printing, completing, and faxing to us one of the RMA forms (Fax Back Form) available on this page and we will fax back to you an RMA number, or by clicking on one of the Items below and completing an order. In order to process the RMA online, you must submit the order by pressing 'Buy Now', select desired...

Services by Gast Manufacturing - a unit of IDEX Corporation

  • Parts and Services

    Parts and Services

    Choose genuine replacement parts and accessories that will maintain the performance of your GAST products. GAST parts and accessories meet design specifications developed from over 50 years of manufacturing experience. All components are fully inspected, prior to packaging and shipment to you. GAST Service Repair Kits save you time and money. Everything you need to ensure a fast and effective repair, genuine parts that are designed to maximize...

Services by MKS Instruments, Inc.

  • Repair & Calibration Services

    Repair & Calibration Services

    At MKS we understand that establishing a consistent regular calibration program for your gas pressure and flow instrument is critical to ensuring repeatable processes within a tool, between tools in the same facility, between tools in duplicate facilities, and when transferring processes from R&D to production. Ensuring instrument calibrations that are accurate and traceable is essential to meeting the documentation needs for ISO 9000 or SEMI...