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On-Site Analysis Services


Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy for Organics and Inorganics. Our staff have extensive experience with extractive Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy. With this versatile technology, a single instrument can simultaneously measure multiple compounds of diverse chemical groups that might otherwise require very different sampling techniques for quantification.

FTIR spectroscopy can identify any compound that absorbs light energy in specific infrared regions, and measures the total absorption spectrum of a sample over a broad spectral range. A library of compound-specific spectra is used to generate both qualitative and quantitative data, giving the technology remarkably broad capabilities.

FTIR spectroscopy is ideal for evaluating process optimization under extreme conditions:

  • high pressure
  • high temperature
  • extreme moisture saturation
  • high carbon dioxide content (>80%)

Sources for these conditions include reactors, absorbers, fluidized catalytic cracking units, and many sources in which traditional testing methods may produce biased data.

Onsite Gas Chromatography for Sulfur, Fixed Gases, and Organics

Errors due to sample media issues or test method limitations can be problematic for generating accurate data. When applicable, we can avoid these problems and maximize data accuracy through real-time, on-site gas chromatography.

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